August 3, 2021

The new announcement of Loteria de Navidad, Lotera Navidad 2018 arrives

Manuel fue el protagonista del anuncio de 2014.

One of the most anticipated events in relation toExtraordinary lottery draw is the premiere of the announcement that each season performs Loteras y Apuestas del Estado. For years the protagonist was the famous'Calvo' from the Lotera, but from the year 2006 it stopped being the icon of the draw.

The actor wasClive Arrindell, and gained great popularity thanks to these ads. Not in vain, I signed an exclusivity clause with Loteras that prevented him from going out in any other audiovisual production. Its first appearance was in 1998 and the British interpreter continued being the centerpiece of the Christmas lottery advertising until 2005.

Since then there have been many 'spots' that have remained in the memory of the spectators, such as'The Factory of Dreams'present in 2011 and 2012; the carol of the choir formed byMontserrat Caball, Raphael, David Bustamante, Marta Snchezy Nia Pastori in 2013; the human gesture with Manuel in the bar below his house in 2014; or the animated version of the year 2015 withJustin and a maniques factory.

However, this year there is some secrecy around the announcement of 'Gordo', although it is known to arrive this Wednesday, November 14. This is how the official Twitter account of the Christmas Lottery has made it known, without specifying exactly what to try, who will star or who will be directed.

So, we will not know what the advertising piece of this year is about.Solidarity, fantasy or illusionthey are usually connected with these 'spots', as well as the time when the event is celebrated (December 22), which is Christmas.

For example, in 2017 the election was something unusual and was directed by the acclaimed directorAlejandro Amenbar. The director chose love as his theme, but with a touch of science fiction, sincea man fell in love with an extraterrestrial. The announcement lasted 20 minutes, divided into three parts, so this 2018 may resort to the same method. If you want to see this and the rest of the videos published the last years you can do it followingthis link.


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