The Netherlands' solution against squatting lands in Spain



A solution to avoid squatting and the degradation it causes in the environment, from the private sector. The Dutch company Ideal Guardian lands in Spain with that premise, or as they define themselves, "to help achieve a fairer use of space for the whole of society." Its operation is simple: the owner makes his empty building available to the company and she is in charge of looking for a tenant or 'guardian' who for a reduced price You will have access to the property temporarily, at the convenience of the owner.

"In this way the owner, the tenant and the environment of that building benefit, since an empty space and the consequences that this has from a social and economic point of view are avoided", explains its CEO in Spain John van haaren.

The company was born in the Netherlands in 1993 to respond to a double problem: to end squatting and difficulties in accessing housing. A fairly generalized situation at that time of which also has come out thanks to the regulation that has been carried out the government of the tulip country in recent years, favoring the Temporary rental through these types of companies. As a result, squatting has been reduced by 30% and in the total of its housing stock, only 2% of the properties are empty. On the other hand, in Spain, the squatting phenomenon has exploded by 50% since 2015 and today more than 13.7% of homes remain empty.

In fact, the company confirms that its business model is widely implemented in Netherlands, with more than 50 companies of these characteristics operating in the country. “In the Netherlands when an owner knows that his building is going to be empty, the first thing he does is call a company for the management of vacancies. There are more than 50 implanted companies that have also organized an association. This is normal and everyone has assumed that it is the best solution for everyone, ”explains van Haaren.

The success of the model has led the company to be present in up to eight European countries, UK, France Y Germany among them. Now, with their landing in Spain, they hope to reach up to 5,000 properties this year. "We are targeting large property owners, both in the private and public sectors," explains the Ideal Guardian CEO. “We came to Spain precisely because some of our clients from other countries made us see that they missed our services here. We studied the market and the situation and realized that it is a country with great potential for our services ”. «We are very interested in getting in touch with the public administrations, holders of many empty properties; We are convinced that our proposal can also be very interesting for the public sector ”, he insists. Furthermore, they explain, they not only work with properties for residential use, but also manage others with an originally different function, such as schools or offices.

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