May 26, 2020

The Netherlands returns to lead global e-commerce index and Spain rises 5 positions

The Netherlands stood for the second year in a row as the country with the best implementation of electronic commerce between businesses and consumers (B2C), according to the index prepared by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), where Spain climbed five positions to occupy the 33rd.

Switzerland was in second place, climbing a position with respect to last year's ranking, and Singapore in third, in a list where eight of the top 10 are European and Chile is the best placed Latin American nation, in 60th position. 152 (in 2018 it occupied the 50th).

Spain achieved good grades in three of the four variables used to calculate this index (server security, number of people connected to the Internet and Internet users with an account in e-commerce networks), but failed in the quality of postal services, which reduced its final average.

Chile stopped this year occupying a position in the list of 10 developing economies with greater implementation of electronic commerce, in favor of Qatar, which this year rose 12 positions thanks to the sharp increase in the population connected to the internet (almost 100 percent nowadays).

Another outstanding fact was that Luxembourg, the leader in the classification in 2017, continues to fall due to the decline in reliability of its mail: if in the 2018 indexes it fell to position 19, in this year's it collapses again until 29 .

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