August 12, 2020

The Netflix algorithm has discovered that we are adults | TV

I think that the Netflix algorithm has detected something profound that is not always evident for those of us who try to tickle and tickle the spirit of the times, to see if we are able to write something that matters and excites our contemporaries. Story of a marriage, his last shot is a small miracle full of mercy and cruelty in soluble parts, but it is also a symptom that the society where we live is not as it seems, that there is a background current that algebra perceives better than the finest of philosophers.

Suddenly, the world has become an adult.

Story of a marriage It stars Adam Driver, who became famous in a series that characterized a society that did not want to grow. The co-star, Scarlett Johanson, is so big that it cannot be associated with anything other than herself, but Driver comes from Girls, and as such is an icon millennial: those who camped 15M, those who were sentenced to a perpetual adolescence for that crisis that the only thing that made it undefined was the precarious. Without decent work, sharing a flat at forty, pretending to be entrepreneurs-entrepreneurs in coworkings because you cannot pay for an office without children or any attribute of the adult.

Suddenly, in that peterpanesque society, Netflix triumphs with a story about two characters who face the most painful moment of their lives with a temper, a courage and a dignity typical of adults only. What happened? What does the algorithm know that others do not know? What dark and sublimated desire is flattering the movie? Does this mean that we have a remedy, that we will no longer read reports of parents surprised by their own paternity? Will they cancel First Dates? Is this caused by the anger of Greta? Hopefully.


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