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The net of Pompeu Fabra recull amb 81 anys de retard the Medal of the Ciutat

Fa a wish d’anys, quan Jordi Mir enllestia les obres completes by Pompeu Fabra, who had confegit amb Joan Solà, it’s going to add an anomaly. L’Ajauntament de Barcelona li havia awarded the Ciutat Medal in 1938, but it is not clear that the l'hagués recollects mai because of the war.

Journalist Joaquim Maria Puyal, which has been awarded the Medal d'Or to the Mèrit Esportiu, it will be worth knowing how many members of the Philosophical Section of IEC, to which they are concerned, have also received a similar distinction. It will be aleshores quan Mir, after a thorough investigation at the library and the arxius municipals, he will know the anomaly.

“Fabra is going to be a dels pocs personatges reconeguts unànimement per la societat catalana”, says Teresa Cabré, president of the Philosophical Section

Puyal ho will say in the seu parlament of l’1 d’abril al He left Cent i, at the end of 29 April, l'Ajuntament will approve unanimitat, like 81 anys abans, to clear the Medal of the City of Seus Nets. Amb el mateix disseny d’aleshores, the tinent d’alcalde Jaume Collboni –L’alcaldessa Colau estava malalta– she’ll be lividing her Peio Rahola Fabra, which is going to donate to the Council and especially Mir and the president of the Philological Section, Teresa Cabré, that n’havia fet la glossa.

Barcelona lliura the Medal of the City to Pompeu Fabra

Barcelona lliura the Medal of the City to Pompeu Fabra

Acte seguit, Fabra's network goes to mans de Joandomènec Ros, president of l'Institut d’Estudis Catalans, that allotja to the seu of the Carr del Carme arrived in the mestre, perquè la hi afegís.

L’actriu Mercè Arànega Some articles by Fabra will arrive, a dels quals is going to publish just to the newspaper La Publicitat ahir feia cent anys. In the text, Mr. s’exclamava dels castellanismes that the people of the sense are conscientious, tot i know-ne the paraula, as “cendre per fer llegiu”, but “a blister of bleach"

"Cal not abandon mai nor la tasca nor l’esperança”, Fabra will say and they will remember that there is Collboni com Cabré. Collboni will qualify the “historical and justice reparation” and Cabré will affirm that Fabra will be “one of the pocs personatges reconeguts unànimement per la societat catalana”. Aleshores and Avui.

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