Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The Nepalis, forced to start from scratch after the devastating storm

The Nepalis, forced to start from scratch after the devastating storm

Amiru Nesha only had her baby in her arms and her three other children by her side. The rest was lost in the devastating storm that struck on Sunday in southeastern Nepal and caused almost thirty deaths and half a thousand wounded.

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In rural areas hit hard by the rains, the worst for Nesha, her children and many others begins right after the storm, having to face their commitments, debts incurred for the development of crops, and their homes, and have to do it without insurance policy or savings.

Many of the nearly 8,000 affected, according to Red Cross district secretary Dhirendra Yadav, have lost their homes and been relocated to temporary camps of the Nepalese Army.

But, although the survivors must worry about how to continue forward after getting saved and having lost everything, the violence of the rains is still fresh in their memory.

"It came suddenly and destroyed everything in an instant, it was like a nightmare," Nesha tells Efe about the storm, which threw down the walls and ceiling of her house of mud and bamboo until, in a few minutes, nothing remained .

Nesha now lives in a small impromptu store and remembers how she protected her four children, including a newborn, with her body and saved them.

"I never thought I would survive," he says.

The heavy rains that caused the collapse of the houses also devastated the crops and animals of several villages of the administrative demarcations of Bara and Parsa, in the southeast of the country.

"It was like a terrifying supernatural movie," tells Efe Birendra Sah, who remembers that that night, from her home, she saw a woman running to save herself, "but the fall of a mud house crushed her to death."

That night, he narrates, the sky suddenly became dark and black clouds began to appear that hummed like bees.

"After a few minutes, it started to get stronger," says the 43-year-old man, who recalls that the storm was shaking the door and windows of his concrete house.

"Everything changed in ten minutes," he adds.

The roofs of the houses fell down, the power lines were cut off and the trees were torn away by the devastating winds.

"Our village became a cemetery," says Sah, saying that all the houses were reduced to rubble and "even the roof of some cement houses flew out."

Mahantha Ram, of the municipality of Parwanipur, explains to Efe that, when they were about to dine, the walls began to tremble due to the rain and the wind.

"A few minutes later, I saw the roof of my house destroyed," he explains.

The Department of Meteorology reported yesterday in a statement that the devastating storm was accompanied by winds of more than 90 kilometers per hour.

The rural municipality of Pheta, in Bara, was the most affected, while in the towns of Purainiya, Bharbaliya and Bhaloni the damages were also considerable, with 200 of the 300 houses reduced to rubble, according to Sah.

According to the Nepalese Ministry of the Interior, so far the storm has caused the death of twenty-seven people, including seven children, in addition to 668 injured.

By Sangam Prasain


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