«The neotropicalism of Puerto Candelaria reformulates the dimension of the Colombian spirit»

«The neotropicalism of Puerto Candelaria reformulates the dimension of the Colombian spirit»

Juancho Valencia, leader of the Colombian gang Puerto Candelaria. / EMANUEL ZERBOS

The creator and producer, winner of two Latin Grammys, offers this Sunday, at 12 noon, a concert at Doramas with his group

Colombian musician and producer Juancho Valenciagang leader
Puerto Candelariapossibly he will not enjoy the fame of other countrymen of his like Juanes, Shakira, Maluma or Carlos Vives but, without a doubt, he is the one that is most influencing the new independent and alternative musical currents promoted by the latest generations of creators from the country from which he Universal García Márquez said that it was an insatiable source of creation and inspiration.

Juancho Valencia, who has two Latin Grammys and has been nominated five other times, offers
this Sunday (12.00 hours) with his band Puerto Candelaria, on the
stage of the José Antonio Ramos Auditorium of Parque Doramasa live show in which the explosive Colombian septet will show the public its sound neotropicalism proposal, just one week after the elections in their country.

The group's performance in the framework of the
cycle 'Music in the Park' promoted by the city council, is included in the European summer tour planned by the band with the show
'20 years Puerto Candelaria'in which «we unite genres of Colombian music with elements of
rock, jazz, ska and popwhich is nourished by a fun staging that catches the attention of the public from the first moment, "explains Valencia.

A special place

“For Latin Americans, the Canary Islands are a special place. I can say with complete certainty that the Islands are the Latin overseas. You travel for thousands and thousands of kilometers to its coast and you always realize that you have arrived home", explains the producer, composer and arranger who has worked with
Calle 13, Chocquibtown, Oscar de León, Gilberto Santarrosa or Crew Peligrosos.

Popularly known as
'Sargeant' (his alter ego), considers himself the leader of this tropical town that is Puerto Candelaria «which maintains bordering areas with the imaginary town of Macondo de Gabo. I live in a town that seems real:
Puerto Candelaria and in a real town that is totally surreal: Colombia», says the musician who founded the group in Medellin after the shock caused by the bloody drug war in that city.

«We then decided to formulate a countercurrent music outside the trends, with which we exalted symbolic elements of our culture that, at that time, had no place in the music that was practiced. At the same time we launch our
record label Merlin Productions. Not only did we have to invent an alternative sound for Colombia in the 21st century, but also the way to produce it, finance it, manage it, communicate it and export it. We are a benchmark in the country in the context of musical cooperatives and micro-enterprises that have emerged in
Latin America taking as an example the self-managed model of Puerto Candelaria", Add.


Valencia clarifies that «neotropicalism, rather than talking about a rhythm or sound cosmetic mixtures, reformulates the dimension of the Colombian spirit. for fifteen years
great projects are produced in the country that offer different answers from multiple and diverse creative perspectives. The concept also had to do with the ways of managing the music of Colombia and how structured business models were formulated in the artistic and musical scene.

the septet will face a very varied repertoire at his Doramas concert that will include songs from his most popular works released to date such as 'Amor y debts', 'Cumbia rebel', 'Senderito de amor', 'Yo me llamo cumbia' or 'Amor fingido ', to which will be added some pieces from his latest album,
'The secret of the shadow', in which recognized standards of the jazz genre appear.

The creator is not afraid to understand modern and urban music, the relationship of bambuco with flamenco or that of jazz with Chocó music, because his head is a musical laboratory with which he has achieved synesthesia through mambo and bolero. . Varied tunes elucidating sonorities that blow the imagination of an audience that admits in Puerto Candelaria's proposal a certain retro sound with a flavor of the 40s, 50s or 60s.

Gustavo Petro

“Puerto Candelaria is a living organism that feeds on its environment and grows and strengthens itself with the vitamins it takes from the chaotic day-to-day life that we live in Latin America.
Puerto Candelaria's lyrics speak of other ways of dealing with issues such as love or the political situations that we live from the game, the absurd, the drama, the chaos, the non-figurative... Puerto Candelaria is an analogy of what we live, of Colombia, of Latin America... and the mind of Juancho Valencia only It has to wake up and observe what is happening in our societies and then bring it to music”, says the musician.

"I want to detach myself from the homogeneity of Latin to express in my own way, what current Latin music lacks: the exquisiteness and sophistication to work with a diversity of sounds, words, manners, metaphors, poetry and rhythms," says the arranger. For this reason, through different types of music, he seeks equality of rhythms, he enters into equity for what comes from outside and what is inside, but above all, he immerses himself in an "exaltation of those intangible treasures" that exist and that include "the magic of the vallenato, the currulao, the joropo or the rajaleñas of Huila," he adds.

The victory of the leftist Gustavo Petro describes it as "historic, because never before had the country been able to vote for a left-wing finalist because they were all assassinated. There is hope for change, but also fear. The Colombian has the talent to get up every day and inevitably face his great domestic uncertainty.
You never know what is going to happen in the day and you are aware that everything can get worse», he concludes.

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