May 11, 2021

The neo-quinqui cinema comes back to life with'Mala Ruina' – The Province

The neo-quinqui cinema comes back to life with'Mala Ruina' - The Province

Carlos Salgado, director of 'Raising Rats', and the rapper Yung Beef They have presented 'Mala Ruina', a film that aims to revolutionize the genre of the music video by merging trap music with neo-quinqui cinema.

'Bad Ruin' it constitutes a 'spin off' of the story of the protagonist of 'Criando Ratas', renovator of the quinqui cinema, which in terms of its producer and director has been a much more ambitious production and completely financed independently.

The film is inspired by the song Lil Romeo by Yung Beef. that speaks of the unconditional love of a father towards his son. After having suffered the world of crime in the first person, the singer indoctrinates and prepares his heir so that he can live tomorrow in the neighborhood.

'Bad Ruin' also means the return of Christ (Ramón Guerrero), protagonist of 'Raising Rats' who was imprisoned during filming. Thanks to his role in the Carlos Salado film, El Cristo received critical acclaim and was nicknamed by it as the new Heifer. Along with Ramón, he appears in the film Yung Beef. The singer adds millions of reproductions on online music platforms and social networks, and has worked for brands such as Hood By Air, Pigalle, and Calvin Klein, parading on the catwalks of Madrid and Paris. Both make up the national underground scene, where his talent and urban style has become a reference for young people who imitate both and who has conquered his imagination.


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