Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The neighbors prevail the management on the ideology in the election of the mayors

Los vecinos priman la gestión sobre la ideología en la elección de los alcaldes

The ability to solve problems through the management of city councils weighs more than the ideological affinity when citizens must choose a ballot in a municipal election.

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Pragmatists, the neighbors prioritize aspects of the ordinary functioning of a municipality such as the maintenance of public space and do not look so much if their mayor is left or right, independent or not, when they decide whether to trust or not in it .

This is what emerges from the last Municipal Policy Observatory, a survey of the Catalan Association of Municipis (ACM) commissioned to the company Feed Back, which has consisted of 1,200 telephone calls to residents of towns of all types excluding Barcelona.

For example, the main reason to value a mayor well is if he "governs well and solves problems" with 56.4% of the answers. The second aspect is whether it is "accessible or close" to the citizen (27%) and the third the degree "personal knowledge" (22.3%). On the other hand, the main reasons for suspending the management of a mayor are that "no improvements are noticed" (33%), that "only think of personal interest" (18.5%) and that "neglects the ordinary operation of the population "(18.3%).

When the neighbors are asked about the importance of different aspects to decide their vote, they place the "good work of the group during the previous term" as the most decisive aspect with a grade of 8.18. The second, the "personal trust" with the candidate (7.86).

"It is evident, people prioritize the management and good government in the Town Halls," said David Saldoni, president of the ACM, at a meeting with journalists on Wednesday. "But the ideology is not relegated to zero either, the citizens accept a certain discrepancy but they do not vote for anyone with a tendency diametrically opposed to theirs", has qualified Saldoni.

And there are exceptions: according to this sample, the relationship between Catalonia and Spain emerges as the third factor of importance in the election of the municipal vote, with a grade of 6.81.

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