The neighbors keep 5 minutes of silence for the woman murdered by her daughter

Dozens of residents have gathered this afternoon at the gates of the town hall of Banyoles to keep five minutes of silence for the 53-year-old woman murdered by her daughter, as she acknowledged yesterday during the reconstruction of the events in this town of Girona.

The expression of pain has been headed by the mayor of the city, Miquel Noguer, in front of the official flag, which flies at half mast in a municipality where two days of mourning have been decreed for this event.

Noguer, at the end of five minutes, has explained to the media that the victim's family received attention from social services, but without going into detail about the psychological problems allegedly suffered by the alleged matricida "because there is secrecy of summary "

The mayor has only added that he is not aware of the existence of complaints of any kind of abuse nor any warning from the institute where he was studying the alleged murderer, who testified this morning at the Children's Office in Girona.

Miquel Noguer has reiterated that "the feeling of the consistory is the general of citizenship", which has materialized in that "when you hear of a violent death that is far away is something that horrifies you and, when it happens at home, you think it is inadmissible" .

Noguer has talked with the victim's family and has placed himself at his disposal, while the child declares in Girona waiting to know if the judge accepts the request of the Prosecutor's Office to intern her in a closed regime, which amounts to provisional detention in the case of adults.

The matricide took place on Wednesday night at the home where the mother and daughter were living, and yesterday the alleged murderer was detained in a second family residence in Castell-Platja d'Aro (Girona).

During the reconstruction of the events, the alleged matricida admitted that she killed her mother with a knife, although she explained that she did not remember the times she stabbed her.


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