The negotiation between the Government and interims continues stalled after another empty meeting

Image of a protest by temporary workers in front of the Presidency of the Government in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. / ARCADIO SUAREZ

The Administration advances with the tight deadlines of the State and sees little room for maneuver to reach agreements with the strike committee

Ingrid Ortiz-Viera

The attempts of rapprochement between the Government of the Canary Islands and the strike committee of the temporary personnel of the Public Administration suffered a new setback yesterday as a result of another meeting that was not very fruitful for both sides.

The unions that still maintain the protests -Intersindical Canarias and Co.bas- had launched an urgent call to reiterate their main demand to the Executive, which is to comply with the agreement adopted last April. However, its representatives point out, the Administration goes ahead and proposes a meeting with the legal table, one of the working groups created from the negotiation with the aim of seeking formulas for stabilization.

In this context,
both parties came to the meeting with different perspectives: Although the strike committee intended to sit down to negotiate, it found itself in front of a table with only technical personnel who came to study legal mechanisms. A situation that led them to leave the room and suspend the agenda.


  • Division
    The strike committee resists despite the split of Sepca, which has reached out to the government but without abandoning the defense of the April agreement.

  • Plazas
    The public administrations must offer the temporary places that are currently occupied before June 1, 2022.

  • consensus
    The objective of the Government is to elaborate bases agreed upon with the unions for the merit contest, but it will continue to be open.

The general director of Public Function, Monserrat García, pointed out yesterday that this result had been the result of a “misunderstanding”. She defended that the convening of the table-
that had only met once since the agreements- it became necessary as "the legal framework has changed". In general, only technical personnel attend this call, so the Government did not provide a space for dialogue in the sense of negotiation with the strike committee.

In this line, García assured that there is "little margin" to advance outside the state law and proposes that the unions "take advantage of the opportunity" to elaborate consensual bases for the extraordinary merit contests.

This is the approach that Sepca has had after leaving the strike. Although they have confirmed that they do not intend to move away from what was signed in the agreement, they reach out to the Government to limit the law to the Canarian reality.

"Once the State establishes deadlines, which are very tight, we cannot go outside," says the general director. “We are facing a situation that has been going on since 2017-2018 and
we believe that the best thing now is to spend our last cartridge».

For its part, the strike committee stands up again and criticizes the fact that "illegitimate" decisions are made. The last brawl occurred at the end of February at the meeting with the General Negotiation Table in which Intersindical Canaria was present. Although the Administration proposed three different processes in line with the state standard to meet the required deadlines, the appointment "bypassed" the committee. "There can be no agreements when there is an open conflict," they claimed.

The main dispute continues to revolve around the open contest, which in the eyes of temporary workers does not guarantee the permanence of all staff in temporary abuse, as promised to the unions. Pending is also the updated catalog of employees in legal fraud, paralyzed since last year.

In general, the exhaustion of the committee becomes evident and it chooses to advance by legal means. "Given the repeated refusal of the Administration to negotiate, we appointed Manuel Martos as legal advisor, who will carry out any of the actions that he deems appropriate to carry out the 23A agreement," they pointed out in a statement.

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