The need for public services to invest in cybersecurity

Invest in national cybersecurity to protect the population's data

With the rise of technologiesmore and more systems are created for the different devices, but on the other hand, not only the development of programs that make life easier for the user, but also complicates the codewhich is more exposed if it has not been elaborated under all the protection correspondent. Cybercriminals, in turn, innovate even more to gain a foothold between the slightest failure that may exist, as has happened in the case of the recent hack to Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, ​​which is why various companies in this sector are asking to invest in cybersecurity in order to avoid another similar catastrophe.

On the other hand, not only this hospital has focused on investing in cybersecuritybut it seeks to carry out a project at the level national to advocate strengthening the network of public services to prevent it from leaking confidential information on the citizens, who carry out negotiations public with full rights and that should not be affected by attacks that are national competence.

From the State Cybersecurity Operations Center (CTT) they demand a greater commitment to invest in cybersecurity, be it in private organizations as well as public ones, to reinforce defenses, especially in the information part in the cloud. Remember that considering that Spain It is the sixth country with the most attacks, but the fourth power in this sector, more effort must be made to stop these cybercriminalsin a competition that affects everyone equally.