July 24, 2021

The NBA honors Llull | sports

The NBA honors Llull | sports

In times of brawling debates about who deserves this or that prize, 30 gentlemen have given their verdict as far as basketball is concerned. They are the 30 bosses of the NBA, the people in charge of each team, who have chosen those who consider that they will be the best of the season. More than prizes, then, they are predictions. The directors believe that the Warriors will win the League and that LeBron James will be the best player. And this despite having found their bones in the Lakers, as glorious yesterday as in the doldrums today. Maybe that's why LeBron gets only 30% of the votes, followed very closely by Kevin Durant (27%). Much less equal was the election of the candidate for a better young man, an honorary title that takes Luka Doncic street with 43% of the votes. Their pursuers stay at 17%. The selection of the ex of Madrid took place while debuting in the preseason with the Dallas Mavericks executing a formidable performance, the first of the three that takes, adding in all of them double digits. CHow to warn.

But in the extensive relationship of prophecies that the bosses of the NBA do, there's ato alien to that world. Who will be the best player of all those who compete outside the tournament of the tournaments. And of the 30 gentlemen they choose, most have determined that nobody is above Sergio Llull. 40% of those responsible for the franchises think that outside those borders the best will be the Real Madrid player. He is not the first Spaniard to achieve that symbolic recognition, since before they did Rudy, Ricky or Navarro. But it is striking that the NBA has in such high esteem a boy who has repeatedly refused to play there. And he calls even more attention than among those who have voted him the most devoted is Darly Morey, the head of the Houston Rockets, recipient of the continuous "noes" of Llull, which in turn led to to that to declare: "You have rejected offers that I can not believe. Madrid must be an amazing city. " Those offers that Morey can not believe reached 21 million dollars (18.2 million euros) for three seasons, more than 6 million for each of them, a figure that triples the 2.2 that wins in the amazing Madrid. There was no way. And despite this, the fervor of the Rockets for Llull reaches the point that Morey himself boasted on the social networks of his choice as the best player in the world outside the NBA. Like of one of theirs it would be.

Llull broke his knee in August 2017 and eight and a half months later he returned in time to win a European Cup and a League with Madrid. There will be better players in Europe (or not), but there will not be more determinants, with greater incidence in the game. Already in the present season, the first appearance in scene of Llull supposed the triumph of Madrid in the Supercopa of Spain, with him like better player of the match. And the second, in the first match of the Endesa League, against Iberostar Tenerife, led him to become the top treble player in the history of Real Madrid, beating his boss, Alberto Herreros himself. It is known that many statistics of the ACB must be put in solfa, because they forget the numbers (and what numbers) of the players prior to the creation of this organization, in 1983. But this is not the case in the triple ranking, which is They are 100 percent committed because in Europe they did not begin to count until 1984. In short, Llull has started the course, a year after tearing his knee, breaking records and raising again the admiration here and there, and there is the very NBA. Perhaps this world recognition is just the consequence of playing each game, always, without exception, as if it were the first time.

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