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“The Nazisme s’ha trivialitzat molt”

Martí Domínguez (Madrid, 1966) no escriu llibres còmodes. After d´èxits com The sega
L’assassí to estimate els llibres
, l'escriptor valencià, entomòleg and professor of Periodisme at the University of Valencia, in the post-se pse to the Austrian scientist who embraces the Nazi cause to L’esperit of the temps (Bow).

Domínguez does not make a historical novel, but it does have a real environment, fine prices and a great deal of flora and diversity, for donating verse to the historical history. Per això va viatjar and va fer reerca als the scenes that will serve to explain the history of l'Adolfòvitx, a scientist who returned from Nazisme to Àustria amb els braços oberts.

In a Catholic society that poses interviews at the investigation, the entry of the Nazisme will be an opportunity for scientists, with the get protagonist d’aquesta història, who has just presumed dels russos and is obliged to write the life of Sota Menaça de Mort.

With the fact that temps d’amagar la seva joined the SS -execució sure-, l’Adolfòvitx, that fins i tot ha rebut el Nobel prize, he will try to explain the serious life d’a vermblant way to survive the captiveri.

Les regles morals is a vernís molt lleu who had a role on the pell, and a sota hi ha bèstia ”

L’escriptor believes that “el nazisme s’ha trivialitzat molt”, com en les “Visions kitsch” by Quentin Tarantino and Harrison Ford, per exemple. “The one who m’ha dut to endorse in me is to discover the disenchantment of some people he admires,” he explains. Als anys vint tota the first level science is ugly in germany, and from mica in mica hem anat sabernt coses d’aquests scientfics. The one who caused discomfort was common in this spiral; molt pocs s’hi are going to oppose. ”

Tot i that the Nazisme is going to start “amb quatre pirats”, hi has a sentiment to the country d´eixamplar the sei vital space, recover the territorial unitat and expand-cap a l’est, that he semblava the seu natural space. “Però calia repopulate aquests nous territorialis amb sang ària, per això it is a promotion of maternity, they claim that each donut tingui quatre fills, and it is permet the bigmamia to the border areas per tal of having more population, fins and tot amb les minyones regermanitzades ”, described.

Els psicòlegs study “els nois no aris that can be regermanitzats, something that is going to be 200,000 children and that they are not going to return home seva, and they are not only part of the process because they can have abans, ”explains the author. “The scientists establish criteria to justify the one who will come to the congrés de psicòlegs of 1938, and això produeix a collective obnubilació, it is very difficult to oppose-s’hi,” says the author.

“L’Adolfòvitx observes that it is produeixen hybrids between properes roots, it is three of the dues and perimix s'impedeixen les unions between alemanys and eslaus”, advances Domínguez, that affects that “they had foreseen kill between 40 and 50 million people, and the youngest is to stay with a slave sense of citizenship. ”

"Les regles morals is a vernís molt lleu who had on the pell, and a sota hi ha bèstia", and per això hem to return to the social contract of Rousseau, says Dominguez. Consider that to Alemanya "it is going to turn full molt ràpid", and that "hi has molts nens that come from Polònia, Ucraïna, Belarus, and that none of them did not stretch the film".

Dominguez is moved to the present: “Els emigrants that dwell in the Mediterrani do not wake up, I will gain consciousness; potser d’here uns anys ens demanarem why don’t react. Llavors hi haurà ciutadans of first and second. The crux of the novel is that the Nazisme was not a tricky thing, that no one did not see, and I also reassured them of our consciences, ”he summarized.

“The one that costs the most is to speak to the person in personages. What hauríeu fet vosaltres in seu lloc? The sense consciousness science is a perilous eina. Ja em va passar amb The sega: I don't know the mateix that abans d’escriure el llibre ”, conclou.

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