January 23, 2021

The Navy dismisses Ferrol’s head of studies for the “irrelevant anniversary” about the sinking of a republican submarine in the Civil War

The Navy announced yesterday Saturday the dismissal of the head of studies of the Naval Station of A Graña, in Ferrol, for the publication of an anniversary that qualifies as “irrelevant” recalling the sinking, in 1937, of a republican submarine with expressions such as “red squadron”, “the reds” or “national ships”. The text contained the version that the sinking of the C-5 was caused by its person in charge, referred to as “heroic lieutenant Don José Lara y Dorda”.

The BNG denounces that a naval school in Ferrol celebrated the sinking of a submarine of the "red square" during the Civil War

The BNG denounces that a naval school in Ferrol celebrated the sinking of a submarine of the “Red Squad” during the Civil War

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The head of studies, who is also deputy director of the station, “will be removed from his position,” the Navy said in a statement collected by the EFE news agency. It does not give the name of this person, but it does indicate that he is “responsible for the writing and publication of the daily order.” The one referring to the sinking of the submarine is dated January 1, 2021.

The BNG deputy in Congress, Néstor Rego, denounced the text on Saturday and registered an initiative to ask the Ministry of Defense for an investigation. In a statement he criticized the “language typical of the Civil War and Francoism” used in the document. In his Twitter account he spoke of “fascism in the Army” and considered it “scandalous” that “pro-Franco acts in the Army always go unpunished.”

The text recounted what happened as follows: “In the first days of January 1937, the submarine of the red squadron C-5, commanded by the heroic lieutenant Don José Lara y Dorda, disappeared with all its crew. sank when his daring plan to seize the ship and go with it to the national fleet failed.There were other cases in which the officers appeared to serve the Reds, at great risk to their lives, skilfully and deceptively avoiding attacks on national ships “.


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