The Naturgy Foundation activates a fund for the energy rehabilitation of housing for vulnerable groups – La Provincia

The Naturgy Foundation activates a fund for the energy rehabilitation of housing for vulnerable groups - La Provincia

TheNaturgy Foundationhas activated a solidarity fund on Wednesdayfinance the energy rehabilitation of collective housingin a situation of vulnerability.

In a statement, he explained that, initially, he will focus onCatalonia, Galicia and Madrid, although it has pointed out that this aid may be extended to other autonomous communities.

The entity has indicated thatthe fund is open to the voluntary contribution of citizens, employees and customers,and that is committed to contribute the same amount as the public donated.

The Foundation of the energy company seeks to support the most disadvantaged groups, thanks to substantial improvements in their homes in terms of rehabilitation, equipment and energy efficiency. "Our Foundation isthe main donor of this fund that now starts to workand with which we hope to be able to help the most vulnerable groups and to keep active our line of action to fight against energy poverty, "said the general director of the Naturgy Foundation,Martí Solà.

The Energy Company Foundation launches the Solidarity Rehabilitation Energy Fund to support the most vulnerable households and families, initially from Galicia, Madrid and Catalonia, although it will be extended to more communities.

The initial economic amount contributed by the Foundation will be allocated to three main lines of action. On the one hand,the express rehabilitation of housingto improve energy efficiency as well as for equipment in homes, both for repair and replacement. On the other hand, the actions contemplated by the Fund are also directed at theadaptation to basic regulations to guarantee the supplyto comply with safety regulations, both in electricity and gas installations.

The beneficiaries of the Naturgy Foundation Fund will be those people in a situation of vulnerability whothey are either owners or tenants of the houses that are rehabilitated.It will be necessary for the people who benefit from the Fund to be assisted by entities of the Third Sector with which the Foundation has collaboration agreements, or live in flats whose ownership and management are of entities of the Third Sector or administrations.

Open to citizenship

In addition to the contribution of the Naturgy Foundation, the Solidarity Energy Rehabilitation Fund is open to voluntary contributions that any citizen wants to make. "Beyond the contributions of the Naturgy Foundation, anyone who wishes can contribute to the fund: customers, employees, suppliers, citizens in general, whether they are individuals, associations or another type of entity, "explained Martí Solà.


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