The natural gas rate down 4% from January 1 - La Provincia

The Last Resort Rate (TUR) ofnatural gaswill fall from next January 14% on averagecompared to the last quarter of this year, thus resuming the declines after remaining the last two quarters of this frozen 2018.

As they told Europa Press in sources fromMinistry for Ecological TransitionThis decrease is mainly due to the fall in the cost of raw materials (-10.8%) in international markets.

Likewise, the calculation of the rate has taken into account thetolls(regulated part of the invoice) effective as of January 1, 2020, with those in force being extended during 2019.

Thus, with the start of the new year, the invoice for TUR 1 consumers (annual consumption of less than 5,000 kWh) will decrease by 3.3%, while that of TUR 2 consumers (annual consumption between 5,000 kWh and 50,000 kWh) will fall 4.2%.

This decrease occurs after the last two quarterly revisions - in July and October - the TUR remained frozen as there was no rise or fall of more than 2%, as established by the calculation methodology.

Also, in the updates made in the first half of 2018 - January and April - some were recordeddecreases in the rate of 4.6% and 6.3%respectively.

The natural gas TUR, which is reviewed quarterly on the 1st of January, April, July and October of each year, is a rate that can be used by any consumer connected to natural gas networks whose annual consumption is less than 50,000 kWh

For the calculation of the TUR, the access tolls and thegas price. Of the nearly 7.9 million consumers of natural gas, some 6.3 million are supplied through a free-price market marketer and around 1.6 million are covered by the TUR price.


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