The NATO unit that would lead the response to a Russian attack is in Spain

Alexia Columba JerezFOLLOW, CONTINUE
Updated: 05/17/2022 02:55 a.m.

NATO's response to a possible Russian attack on Europe lies in Spain. Specifically in Betera, Valencia. There is the Army Rapid Deployment Corps Headquarters (HQ NRDC-ESP), a state-of-the-art unit fully equipped to meet the challenges of hybrid conflict, space warfare and cyber threats. Every twelve months, the command of the land component of the NATO response force corresponds to one of the nine High Availability Headquarters, and in this convulsive 2022 it is the one in Bétera that has to be in 'stand by' mode in the face of any crisis that requires military intervention.

A responsibility that throughout 2022 no other NATO base in the world exercises, which places Spain as the spearhead in one of the most critical moments of geopolitics in the 21st century.

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