May 16, 2021

The National Team is in good hands

The National Team is in good hands

The former football coach, Vicente del Bosque, shows his most interpretative and humorous facet in Pescanova's Christmas campaign «Choose Whiskers», which shows that with mustaches, like Rodolfo prawns, quality is higher.

– Forty-five years later we see him without a mustache. Does it feel weird?

-I look a little weird. I had a hard time making that decision, but it's hard for me to say no. The shrimp campaign was associated with the mustache and it was impossible for me to say no. It is a clean, simple, pleasant, friendly campaign that, after all, I hope it is effective for them.

-With all the debate that is going on around the national team, how does Vicente del Bosque see Spain and Luis Enrique?

-We are in a process of generational change and it is not easy for us to agree with the results because we also have very strong rivals such as England and Croatia. In these two and a half years that we have been away from the national team, we have only lost two matches, which indicates that things have gone very well. We are in good hands, we have a good coach and we can expect everything to go well.

-A Solari had him in his ranks when he was a Real Madrid coach, is he doing well in command of the white team?

I had both. I had Julen Lopetegui when I was a kid and I was a coach in Castilla. Then with Solari they were very good years. In this matter I am going to a more general thing. When a club has to dispense with a coach a few months after it has arrived it is always a bad situation for any club. In this case I think it does not benefit anyone, but it happens because the weakest part of all is the coach. It is always bad for clubs. Both are people with good preparation both Julen and Santi. Hopefully, it will bring the situation back and do well. At the moment we are six points behind Sevilla, the leader, but we are not that far from the others. There is a whole season ahead. It is classified for European competition and also with good prospects for the future.

-As a soccer lover, do you see the league more equal than ever?

-It is true that in recent years Madrid, Barça and Atlético de Madrid have shared the triumphs. They have always been leading the league, but this year is very open. Surely on day 20 you notice some difference. It is very good for the League that Alavés is involved in the fight, that Sevilla leads the classification. It's great because you realize that football is more equal every day.

-A very talked about subject the last weeks is the substitution of Isco. How should we treat a case like the one from Malaga?

-I do not know. Every issue that arises in a changing room has its solution and has its answer. I hope Santi's management is adequate and we also have to ask the players that they have to be good professionals. They are 25 and it is not easy to get all of that together, but it is almost essential if we are to succeed. They have to realize that they are 25, that they play 11 and that 14 are left without playing and you have to know how to take them. As much as you play as when you do not have to live up to the circumstances.

– Do you have to renew the equipment?

-In football there is no age. Both Madrid and Barça or the National Team believe that they have a good mix of what a team should be like. Expert people, newcomers or young people and that mix is ​​always good.

– How is the day to day of Vicente del Bosque?

-I do not have any responsibility in the football issue, but I still see the same matches I saw before. I have my personal activities. I'm not bored I have no nostalgia for the past. I do not think "if I were there", I think that my time has passed and I am fine.


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