June 14, 2021

The national premiere in the Cuyás of ‘Los asquerosos’, about to start

Secun de la rosa during a previous performance at the cuyás

Secun de la rosa during a previous performance at the cuyás

Next week the Cuyás It will be the epicenter of one of the most important events of this theatrical season in our country: the absolute premiere of ‘Los asquerosos’, Editing based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by Santiago Lorenzo.

For the artistic director of this venue, Gonzalo Ubani, “a premiere is always important, but in the case of this strange season, the fact of being able to premiere a work like ‘Los asquerosos’ is a unique opportunity to get back into business and show that the theater is still there, and that the Cuyás is for all the spectators who want to come and have a pleasant time, entertained and forget about the daily problems, which are not few “.

In his opinion, the novel by Santiago Lorenzo is “a true gem”, who does not hesitate to qualify as “one of the best books that have been written in recent years in this country”.

The theatrical version, signed by Jordi Galcerán and Jaume Buixó, stars the popular Miguel Rellán and Secun de la Rosa and directed by David Serrano, also responsible for other successful projects, both scenic (the musical ‘Billy Elliot’) and audiovisual ( Serrano directed the films ‘Football days’, ‘Cinema days’ or ‘One more hour in the Canary Islands’, among others).

Produced by Teatro Español and Octubre Producciones, the show will be released at the Cabildo Gran Canaria in the next November 13 and 14 at 8:30 p.m., and, according to Gonzalo Ubani, its premiere at Cuyás “will be really remarkable with these wickers.”

At prices ranging between 12 and 23 euros (plus discounts), there are still tickets for sale at the box office and the theater’s website, on Viera y Clavijo street in the capital of Gran Canaria and at the address www.teatrocuyas.com, respectively.

The history

The play tells how, after having injured a policeman, Manuel (Secun de la Rosa) escapes, taking refuge in the house of his uncle (Miguel Rellán). He does not know the true extent of the injury that his nephew has caused the agent, but advises him to disappear, convinced that if he is caught he will spend a good time in jail.

Manuel then feels that he has no other option and, taking advantage of the night, takes refuge in a lost and abandoned town, a town that both protagonists decide to call Zarzahuriel. There, despite having almost nothing and surviving on a miracle, Manuel will discover his “cool” life.

In Zarzahuriel, he only has telephone contact with his uncle, who helps him wherever he can from a distance. However, the peace, tranquility and freedom that Manuel breathes in the town do not make him miss anything. On the contrary: his precariousness brings him closer to happiness.

But all this will be suddenly interrupted with the arrival of an urban family, the Mochufas, as he calls them, who, eager to also enjoy that rural life that has captivated the fugitive, settles in one of the abandoned houses in Zarzahuriel . An unexpected coexistence that disrupts Manuel’s peaceful existence and dirties his paradise forever.

Culture in times of pandemic

Next Wednesday, the presentation to the media of the montage will take place, in a press conference that they are expected to attend, together with the island’s Minister of Culture, Guacimara Medina, the protagonists and the director of the work. In it, they will unravel the ins and outs of the production, whose premiere has been marked by Covid-19.

In that sense, both the presentation and the latest rehearsals and the premiere itself will be carried out with all the necessary hygiene and safety measures to avoid contagion, thus demonstrating that culture is safe.


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