The National Police warns of a massive scam using the logos of Amazon - La Provincia

TheNational Policealerts of a viral fraud attempt throughphishing, carried out by mass sending emails supposedly sent by the American logistics multinationalAmazon, dedicated to electronic commerce. Cyber ​​criminals use the Amazon logos to give an appearance of authenticity and use an email address that is misleading about the email account from which the message is actually being sent. In this way they intendtrick the user in order to obtain their access credentials and bank card detailslinked to our account, with the aim of making a fraudulent use.

Cyber ​​patrolling the Network

Since the entry into force of the Alarm State by thecoronavirusThe fact that citizens remain confined to their homes increases the use of the Internet, especially for shopping. For this reason, cybercrime specialists from the National Police have intensified the surveillance and monitoring of presumably illicit movements by the Network and social networks.

As a result, a viral fraud attempt has recently been detected throughphishing, through the massive sending of emails that supplant the identity of a multinational logistics company. The email received by the victim indicates that his account has been blocked for security reasons, having detected illegitimate accesses, urging the user to click on a link to "unlock the account".

Pressing the link opens a new window in the browser, also with the aesthetics of the original company, which offers two options: "create a new account" or "log in". In either case,cyber criminals will have access to the data entered-our credentials- and, in addition, to the bank card linked to the user account.

Special caution with this type of phishing

The National Police warns of the virality of this type of scam and advises to take special caution, distrusting all those emails from unknown addresses and verifying that we are on the authentic page before entering our credentials.


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