January 27, 2021

The National Lottery falls in the Canary Islands

Fortune blessed the Canaries at the end of 2020. A Canarian administration sold the first prize of the National Lottery draw, held this Thursday, December 31, as reported State Lotteries and Gambling.

Specifically, it was in administration number 11, located on Álvaro Rodríguez López street, 14-L. 19 in Santa Cruz of Tenerife. The first prize corresponded to 22168, which is valued at 300,000 euros to the number. It was also sold in Madrid.

While the second prize, which fell to 30,603 and valued at 60,000 euros to the number, was widely distributed throughout the Spanish geography. It was sold in the Alicante towns of Alcoy, The Roman and Novelda, Barcelona, BrokenCadiz-, Cordova, VoyeurA coruña-, MonachilPomegranate-, Madrid, The gapsMalaga-, SizesSalamanca-, Horta de Sant JoanTarragona– and the Valencian towns of The Port of Sagunto, Naquera and Paternal.


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