April 21, 2021

The National High Court is prosecuting a National Police officer for his ties to Gao Ping and the Chinese mafia

The judge of the National Court José Calama has dictated a car in which he proposes to judge 105 people for his alleged connection to the Gao Ping mafia network. Among those investigated is a chief inspector of the National Police, Miguel Ángel Gómez Gordo, who currently enjoys a special destination in Melilla at the head of the Aliens Brigade. The facts for which the instructor of the Operation Emperor processes Gómez Gordo are related to his time at the head of the group dedicated to dealing with the problems of Immigration of the Chinese community in Madrid.

Interior promotes a police officer investigated for his alleged relationship with the Chinese mafia

Interior promotes a police officer investigated for his alleged relationship with the Chinese mafia

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At that time, writes the judge, Gómez Gordo “facilitated, expedited and carried out immigration procedures in exchange for gifts and rewards.” Judge Calama mentions three conversations between July 2010 and July 2012 with Gao Ping himself, a great businessman and alleged leader of a criminal network that defrauded and laundered hundreds of millions of euros a year. The last telephone conversation, on July 23, 2012, “shows that they were together in Beijing.” The magistrate, according to the indictment presented by the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, also presents as evidence documents seized in Gao Ping’s office.

Likewise, Judge Calama highlights a call to the wife of the network’s leader, Lizhen Yang, in which the police officer warns him that he is in one of his stores to buy a bag but that neither she nor his sister are there. Investigators had the woman’s phone tapped and checked how she makes a call to an employee to warn her not to charge the couple who is visiting the store. In another telephone intervention, adds the car, it is revealed that one of the members of the Chinese plot asks to skip the wait at the police station for some procedures and another contact in which it seems to appear that Gómez Gordo is invited to a show “where they intend give him two boxes of wine ”.

Gómez Gordo appeared as investigated in a separate piece of the Emperor case directed against a group of police officials. However, the Criminal Chamber of the National Court closed the case against him, considering that the indications that Internal Affairs and Anti-Corruption presented were not constitutive of a crime. Those indications also pointed to alleged gifts to members of the plot in exchange for favors. Gómez Gordo did not get to sit on the bench and all the police officers tried were acquitted. The prosecution of the Criminal Chamber occurred with the same arguments that the same judges had used to prosecute Gómez Gordo.

Anti-corruption now argues that the investigation was in keeping with the police command’s ties to Yongping Wu Liu and that he should now be tried for his relationship with other suspected members of the Chinese mafia. The now chief inspector, prosecutors say in a brief from last May, “had a direct and personal relationship with Yongping Wu Liu, but also with other investigated persons for whom this case continues: Gao Ping, Xianxian Yang, Yongping Xia, Lizhen Yang or Jaime Caballero ”. “These relationships,” they add, “were completely unrelated to job performance. Gómez, however, used his role as Police to give favorable treatment to these investigated persons (or to third parties designated by them) and receive gifts from them. ”

Gómez Gordo was acquitted last year after being tried together with three Chinese citizens for the kidnapping of one of their compatriots. According to the account of the facts that the accusation made, the woman was kidnapped to try to get three million euros that were going to be taken out of Spain by another gang. When the woman was released, she turned out to be detained in the vicinity of the place of her captivity by two subordinates of Gómez Gordo. The kidnapped woman accused the chief inspector of being in league with the gang of kidnappers and of detaining her so that she could not report. The Sixteenth Section of the Provincial Court resolved that although the woman’s story was “credible”, the defendants’ participation in it was not proven.

Despite its problems with justice, the General Directorate of the Police has never acted in a disciplinary manner against Miguel Ángel Gómez Gordo. Before the first case against him was shelved by the Chinese mafia, he was promoted to chief inspector and posted to central services of the General Commissariat of Aliens and Documentation. He was assigned a destination in Almería that he did not step on thanks to the formula of the service commission, an exceptional mechanism that grants a provisional destination to a police officer based on an alleged special need. It is the same procedure by which he was assigned to Melilla, at his own request, about a year ago.

Brother of the consulting police officer charged with Cospedal in Kitchen

Miguel Ángel is the younger brother of Andrés Gómez Gordo, the accused commissioner in the Villarejo case for having participated in espionage against Luis Bárcenas with reserved funds. Another of those investigated in that case, Enrique García Castaño, has pointed him out before the judge as the author of the PISA report with which the Interior Ministry of Jorge Fernández Díaz wanted to falsely accuse Podemos of illegal financing.

Andrés Gómez Gordo has worked for years outside the Police always at the service of the PP and, especially, María Dolores de Cospedal while she was President of Castilla-La Mancha. He returned to the Police to manage the relationship with Bárcenas’ driver, whom he knew from having worked with him for Francisco Granados, and six months after returning he was awarded a pensioned medal.


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