October 27, 2020

The National High Court condemns the Interior for not protecting a woman murdered in a sexist crime

The National Court has condemned the Ministry of the Interior for the inadequate protection that the Civil Guard granted to a woman who requested a protection order as a victim of gender violence and who was murdered by her husband in Sanlúcar La Mayor (Seville) in 2016.

X-ray of 16 years and a thousand sexist murders: one every week and all the affected provinces

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The Civil Guard is responsible, says the Contentious Chamber in its sentence, when in the police assessment of the risk of violence, the minimum protection that was assigned to the victim was inadequate. The woman was murdered by her husband a month after filing the complaint.

According to the Chamber, “the actions of the agents in situations of gender violence should not be limited to formal aspects”, but rather “that their actions require preferential attention to assistance and protection of women who have been the object of violent behavior in the family environment, in order to prevent and avoid, as far as possible, the consequences of abuse “.

The events date back to September 2016 when the woman requested a protection order at the Civil Guard post of Sanlúcar La Mayor (Seville), which was denied by the court based on the existence of contradictory versions, the lack of antecedents of the reported, since the agents classified the risk to the woman as “unappreciated.”

The Hearing grants compensation to the parents (20,000 euros each) and the two minor children of the deceased woman for non-pecuniary damage (70,000 euros each).

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