July 9, 2020

The National Court takes up the case against the Leo Messi Foundation

The judge of the National Court María Tardón has decided to call to declare Federico Rettori, a supposed collaborator in the Leo Messi Foundation, who denounced the Barcelona player, his father, Jorge Horacio, and his brother Rodrigo for accounting crimes against the Treasury, fraud and money laundering.

According to legal sources, Tardón, who has not yet set a date for the subpoena, has adopted this decision at the request of the prosecutor, after partially admitting the appeal for reform that Rettori filed to file his complaint, understanding that before dismissing it, he should Listen to the complainant.

Facts based on news stories

The head of the Central Court of Instruction number 3 of the National Court decided to file this complaint at the end of September when considering that most of the facts that were reported in it are not corroborated by “a single personal or direct element”, since they had “their origin in one or more news stories of various kinds”. “Initiating a criminal proceeding against those denounced with the sole support of the artificial aforementioned account, lacking credibility, would be the recourse to prospective investigations incompatible with the principles that govern the criminal process,” the judge argued.

According to the magistrate, the complaint raised the information that supports "the category of certain and incontrovertible events described", relating to the constitution and operation of the Leo Messi Foundation. In addition, "each one of the paragraphs in which the supposed criminal dynamics is alluded to, with one or several links to the internet and that relate such content to digital publications" lacks "the slightest evidence," he added.

Rettori, according to the order in which this case is filed, says that the defendants, which also include the Social Team Agency and its founder, Alejandro Rebosio, made "the offer" to "help their association to provide him with a job, promises that, as he refers, were never fulfilled. ” This part of the complaint is the only one in which it makes a “personal and direct description” of the facts and in which “trips, interviews and projects that he allegedly carried out for the Foundation are detailed”.

Despite being a direct account of the facts attributed to the Foundation, Messi, his father, his brother and Alejandro Rebosio and the Social Team agency, the judge understood that “there is no appreciation of the existence of any criminal relevance in such performances. " All this without prejudice to the fact that if, "as he affirms, he can prove that such breaches have occurred," he makes "as many claims as he deems conducive to his compensation" by civil means.

"Once the lack of rational indications of criminality has been sufficiently verified," the magistrate agreed to decree the dismissal "without giving rise to the practice of any investigation proceeding, which would entail undue delay in issuing a file resolution" and "a violation of the rights of the denounced ”. EFE


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