June 14, 2021

The National Court gives 10 days to Rodrigo Rato to enter prison for the 'black' cards | Economy

The National Court gives 10 days to Rodrigo Rato to enter prison for the 'black' cards | Economy

The Fourth Section of the National Court has cited for next Thursday the former president of Bankia and former vice president of the Government, Rodrigo Rato, to notify him of the order of entry into prison within 10 working days of execution of the final sentence of four years and means of imprisonment for misappropriation in the case of cards black of Caja Madrid. Rato can choose a penitentiary center, although the final destination depends on Penitentiary Institutions, which can review that choice.

The Hearing has also cited to deliver its notification to the other 14 convicts with jail sentences exceeding two years. The convicts can enter at any time, even before notification, in the prison of their choice, since the period of 10 days is a maximum. The other convicts to whom he has sent notification are José Antonio Moral Santín, Francisco Baquero, Estanislao Rodríguez-Ponga, Antonio Romero, Rubén Cruz, José Maria de la Riva, Antonio Rey de Viñas, Javier de Miguel, Ángel Eugenio Gómez del Pulgar, Rodolfo Benito, Gonzalo Martín Pascual, Francisco José Pérez Fernández, Miguel Ángel Abejón and Jorge Gómez Moreno.

Rato was convicted, along with 63 other managers and counselors of the extinct box in Madrid, for disposing at will, without control of any kind and without declaring the Treasury, funds of the entity with the credit card that was provided for expenses of representation. On October 3, the Supreme Court issued its ruling on the cards black and confirmed in essence all the ruling of the National Court of February 2017.

The system of opaque cards to the treasury worked between the years 2003 and 2012 and was, according to the Supreme Court, the result of a "plan to dispose of money from the cashier" for the benefit of the most responsible of the entity (first the deceased Miguel Blesa and then, the exvicepresidente and ex- minister of Economy of the PP with Aznar) and of the other 63 exdirectivos and exconsejeros condemados. Together they spent 12.5 million euros. There were charges on restaurant cards, supermarkets, women's underwear and party rooms. Also withdrawn in cash at ATMs.


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