The National Court corrects the judge of the 'Villarejo case' and returns the condition of accusation to Iberdrola

The Criminal Chamber of the National Court has corrected Judge Manuel García Castellón, in charge of the so-called 'Villarejo case', and has agreed to return Iberdrola to the status of private prosecution. In turn, it has ordered the investigating court to investigate the veracity of the document provided by former director José Antonio del Olmo in the piece in which the alleged hiring of commissioner José Manuel Villarejo by the company is investigated.

The judge imputes the president of Iberdrola for the contracts with Villarejo

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In their resolutions, collected by Europa Press, the magistrates of the Third Section have agreed with the electric company and those under investigation Juan Carlos Rebollo and José Luis Sanpedro.

Thus, the Chamber has revoked the order of the instructor in which it was agreed -in relation to the documentation provided by Del Olmo- that the claim maintained by Iberdrola SA, regarding the possibility that it was a manipulated private document that had been created to harm the interests of the company, but rather that this 'must be postponed until the conclusion of the investigation and, if it occurs, the prosecution of the allegedly criminal acts for which this separate piece.

The magistrates have explained that the conclusions drawn by the judge from the order of Chamber 428/2021 are not those "but quite the opposite". As the instructor understands that the document of December 1, 2004, provided by Del Olmo, is necessary for the investigation of the facts that are the subject of this separate piece, "precisely it must also investigate whether it is a false document or not given the incidence of that circumstance in the object of the process”.

Thus, they have insisted that what is said in order 428/2021 "is not that the investigation is postponed, but the statement on the falsity of the document or the veracity of what was stated by the witness Juan Antonio del Olmo and this statement is postponed until the conclusion of the investigation”, that is, until the issuance of the dismissal order or the transfer to an abbreviated procedure“.

For this reason, the Court has revoked the judge's decision and has ordered that the investigation continue regarding the facts denounced by Iberdrola in the complaint filed on January 22, 2020 in a Bilbao investigating court and added to this procedure and that be reinstated to Iberdrola SA in its condition of private prosecution.

In line, the judge must rule on the expansion of the lawsuit filed by the company against Del Olmo for revealing secrets and disclosing reserved data of a legal person.

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