September 19, 2020

The National Court corrects García-Castellón’s decision and once again accepts Pablo Iglesias as injured in the Dina case

The Criminal Chamber of the National Court has upheld the appeal of the legal representation of Pablo Iglesias and orders that the Secretary General of Podemos once again appear as injured in the Villarejo case that investigates the dissemination of information stolen from his mobile Former collaborator Dina Bousselham against the vice president of the Government and the political formation she leads, have advanced legal sources to

The judge in the case, Manuel García-Castellón, had withdrawn the condition of injured Iglesias at the request of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. Magistrate and prosecutors considered that there were other possibilities apart from the fact that Commissioner Villarejo had given this information on the mobile phone to various media and that if there was no crime, Iglesias could not appear as the injured party. From there, García-Castellón started an intense investigation to try to gather evidence of the commission of crimes against Iglesias, measured before the Supreme Court.


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