The National Court condemns Ryanair to reverse the salary cuts to 1,500 workers

The National Court has condemned Ryanair to reverse the salary cuts of 10% to 893 crew members and 20% to 608 pilots applied during the pandemic at its Spanish bases. These cuts had only been accepted by the Spanish Union of Airline Pilots (Sepla), but the ruling also benefits this group.

Not knowing their hours or what they will charge: USO denounces illegal 'zero hour' contracts at Ryanair

Not knowing their hours or what they will charge: USO denounces illegal ‘zero hour’ contracts at Ryanair

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In this way, the National Court recognizes the request of the Union Sindical Obrera (USO) and the Union of Airline Passenger Cabin Crew (Sitcpla) in their claim against Ryanair and Sepla and condemns the Irish company to restore the previous conditions as of July 2020.

The Hearing argues that Ryanair acted with “absence of good business faith”, as evidenced by the lack of documentation and information, and “even trying to make the trade union organizations sign an agreement in these terms, and all this with the threat of undertaking dismissals in case the union organizations do not bow to such imposition “.

Among the lack of documentation during the consultation period, the Court emphasizes that in such analysis “they have not verified the concurrence of the economic, organizational and productive causes on which the measures to be adopted are based” on the Spanish bases or “which is the financial impact of the same in its implementation period “.

It also ugly for Ryanair that the documentation is delivered in English, which “implies a manifest intention to make it difficult for the people who advise union representatives to analyze the documentation and information.”

Likewise, the sentence delves into Ryanair’s “bad faith” in the negotiations due to “continuing the negotiations once the decision has been adopted with only one of the union sections, fragmenting it by professional groups, in addition to assuming an eventual injury. of the right to freedom of association, not denounced here, shows a contempt for the excluded union sections “.

The Secretary General of USO-Ryanair, Lidia Arasanz, stressed that “justice once again agrees with the workers and unions against Ryanair. With this, there are already 8 lawsuits against the company and we have all won them.” “Now, those affected will be able to individually claim the amounts illegally discounted by the company from July 2020 until today,” he added.


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