The National Court approves the parole of Rodrigo Rato for the black cards

The National Court has approved the conditional release of the former president of Bankia Rodrigo Rato, at the proposal of the Social Insertion Center on which he depended, after assessing his age, behavior and the "antiquity" of the events for which he entered prison , the "black" cards from Caja Madrid.

Rodrigo Rato's expenses with his 'black' card: alcohol, bags, parties and cash

Rodrigo Rato's expenses with his 'black' card: alcohol, bags, parties and cash

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In the car, to which Efe has had access, the central court of Penitentiary Surveillance grants said benefit to Rato, who since October 25, 2018 was serving a sentence of four and a half years in prison for misappropriation.

The former vice president of the Government already obtained last October the third degree penitentiary or semi-release regime, which allowed him to get out of jail through telematic control.

In its parole proposal, the CIS Victoria Kent Treatment Board has assessed the "favorable prognosis of Rato", who entered prison "voluntarily", is "septuagenarian", has had an "adapted" prison behavior and has carried out in a "positive" way the reintegration program.

He has also taken into account the "antiquity" of the acts for which he was convicted and for which he paid "fully" civil liability, as well as the way of life he has maintained once he received semi-release.

Arguments that are now addressed by the magistrate, after a favorable report from the Public Prosecutor's Office, which establishes a series of measures such as family or fraternal custody of Rato, the obligation to reside in the place he designates and to establish domicile, monitoring by the prison social services , and the obligation to communicate any possible arrest, charge or conviction in criminal proceedings.

Last September, the fourth section of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court acquitted the former president of Bankia and the rest of the defendants for the bank's IPO, although it is still pending the appeals of several accusations.

In addition, the investigation into his assets continues after the Madrid Provincial Court ordered to reverse the prosecution for alleged corruption in the contracting of the bank's advertising campaign, and group it in a common cause with the alleged tax and criminal offenses. bleaching, instructed by the courts of Plaza de Castilla.


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