The National Canine supports not to sell dogs less than six months

The National Canine supports not to sell dogs less than six months

The president of the National Canine Society Alianz Canine WorlWide, Maria Eugenia Ribelles, has expressed her satisfaction with the measure approved by the United Kingdom to prohibit the sale between individuals of dogs and cats of less than six months, although it would lower the period to three months. "The measure is consistent, it will make the breeders develop a responsible breeding and work for animal welfare, but perhaps the six-month period is excessive," he tells LA RAZÓN.

The decision of the British Government aims to end the poor conditions in which many puppies are found on some farms. In many countries of the European Union this measure is already underway, although with the lowest age, and dogs can not go from one to another until they are three months old.

"A puppy with three months or three and a half months is already out of the mother, it is a good age for it to adapt better to the environment, to its new home. When the dog is very done, at six months, the time of that first "imprinting" of everything has passed, with three months it would be fine, "says Ribelles.

The measure means that anyone who wants to buy a dog or a cat less than six months will have to do it directly to the breeder of the animals, which prevents the sale by intermediaries, generally considered responsible for removing pets of their mothers shortly after birth and subjecting them to long trips to reach the place of sale.

"This ban on the sale by third parties of small dogs and cats is part of our commitment to ensure that the beloved pets of the country have a good start to life," said in a note the British Secretary of State for Animal Welfare, David Rutley, who highlighted the work of animal advocates who have campaigned under the name of "Lucy's Law."

According to the president of Alianz, a canine society with a presence in more than 90 countries that works tirelessly to improve cynophilia and eradicate illegal breeding grounds, "a rule of this type empowers people to raise in a responsible way and always looking at the animal and your well being. It is a measure to take into account and interesting that could be implemented in Spain. "

For Ribelles, the important thing is that whoever wants to buy a dog buys it in a responsible way, always a serious breeder or an establishment that works directly with that breeder, and of course always under veterinary supervision. "


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