The National Ballet celebrates its 40th anniversary with a representation of the most emblematic

The National Ballet celebrates its 40th anniversary with a representation of the most emblematic

The National Ballet of Spain celebrates 40 years of artistic career, and in commemoration its director, Antonio Najarro, has created a show dedicated to the celebration of this event, collecting some of his most representative choreographies.

The chosen choreographies, the most usual ones in the BNE repertoire, have been selected following the programming criteria of Antonio Najarro, showing the four styles of Spanish Dance.

These works were programmed by the directors who have been part of the National Ballet of Spain, and created by great figures of Spanish Dance that have marked the history of this company, as well as that of the Spanish Dance.

Some of the works that can be enjoyed in the show are:

Eritaña, Puerta de Tierra or Zapatada by Sarasate by Antonio Ruiz Soler, in addition to the emblematic ballet Rhythms signed by Alberto Lorca. Many others are: Dance IX of Betty, Aranjuez's concert by Pilar López, Soleá (The Legend) by José Antonio, Galicia (Romance) of the great Juanjo Linares, Fuenteovejuna of the first director of the company Antonio Gades, as well as several works of new creation as The dance of the ballet Sorolla, created by Antonio Najarro and Manuel Liñán or the premiere of the piece Icarus, choreographed again by Antonio Najarro for the First Dancer of the company Sergio Bernal.

You can enjoy this show from last Saturday, December 8, 2018, until the December 23, 2018, representing a total of 12 functions, at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid.

Note that this will be accompanied by the Orchestra of the Community of Madrid (ORCAM) led by teachers Manuel Coves and Álvaro Albiach, as well as by flamenco musicians of the BNE and those great artists and guest musicians such as Dorantes, José María Gallardo del Rey , Eliseo Parra, Rafael de Utrera, Alberto Skuratov, Coni Lechner, Yolanda Criado, Isabel Martin, Xavi Lozano, Sergio Di Finizio and the cantaora María Mezcle.

This large representation consists of two parts:

The first part that will feature the works:

· Eritaña

· Concert by Aranjuez (2nd movement)

· Ground Gate

· Fuenteovejuna

· The legend

· Sarasate's zapateado

· Romance

And a second part that will include:

· Rhythms

· Dance IX

· Icarus

· Sorolla

The National Ballet of Spain continues its work of dissemination, so that young people have knowledge about the Spanish Dance by performing again two familiar functions of one hour. The first one took place on Saturday December 15 and the second will take place on December 22 at 5:00 p.m. The program will integrate the works Ritmos, Zapatada de Sarasate, Fuenteovejuna (extract) and El Baile de Sorolla, and is designed so that families can attend with the little ones and in this way they can enjoy and know the Spanish Dance and its most emblematic repertoire.


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