Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

The narrator of the confinements in TVE describes as 'accident' the violation of La Manada

Tromba of criticism and tsunami of outrage at the words that the commentator of TVE
Javier Solano, commissioned every year of narrate the confinements of San Fermin since Pamplona. The journalist intervened in The breakfast to comment on the campaign sanfermines "Free of harassment" when you have qualified as "accident"The violation of The pack to an 18-year-old girl during the 2016 holidays.

Solano tried to convey how the city of Pamplona is a place that claims to be "free of sexist harassment" and that the cases that occur are "isolated." "The city has nothing to do with what happened", he said while insisting that "Pamplona respects women."

That was an accident that occurred on the part of some people who evidently were very drunk "

However, the journalist has immediately described what happened in 2016 with the five young people from Seville who abused a young Madrid woman of 18 in a portal as an "accident". "That was an accident that occurred on the part of some people who were obviously very drunk and were partying," he said trying to place the rape as an isolated case.

"Further, this accident can occur anywhere else where thousands of people and many liters of alcohol accumulate", Solano has reiterated live. The indignation of the feminist groups has not been made wait and the video has been broadcast by social networks demanding a rectification by TVE.

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