The Nanino Díaz Cutillas Foundation organizes a program of events on the occasion of Canary Islands Day

The three authors of the documentary, Fernando Martín, Magec Betancor and Alberto Suárez

The three authors of the documentary, Fernando Martín, Magec Betancor and Alberto Suárez

The Canary Foundation Nanino Díaz Cutillas Managed in the municipality of Ingenio by the Council of Culture of the Cabildo Gran Canaria, promotes on the occasion of the Day of the Canary Islands, different activities that will take place this May at its headquarters in the former Casa del Obispo, in El Carrizal.

Events unfold with free character and the reservation of tickets can be made through the address

Thus, on May 7, at 7:00 p.m., the screening of a documentary entitled Nanino Díaz Cutillas: the identity of a people, produced in 2014 by said foundation and carried out by Magec Betancor, Fernando Martín-Fernández and Alberto Suárez. Is about the first documentary contribution of biographical character which takes place after the death of the remembered folklorist in 1988. Professor Sarai Cruz, a doctor from the ULPGC who has worked on the preparation of the Atlas of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Canary Islands, will be in charge of presenting the documentary.

That same day will take place after the screening of the aforementioned work, the performance of the singer of the popular Parranda Cuasquías, José Manuel Pérez El Patilla and the guitarist Gonzalo Macías, who will offer a repertoire made up of popular tangos by Discépolo, Cadícamo, Le Pera or Cobián, as well as milongas and candombes.

The documentary Nanino Díaz Cutillas: the identity of a people lasts 40 minutes and offers a review of Nanino's life trajectory using the testimony of people who maintained a close professional or friendship bond with the popular folklorist, collecting various images and materials recovered from the foundation itself, the newspaper library of the Museo Canario, FEDAC and RTVE in the Canary Islands.

What's more, Nanino Díaz Cutillas: The identity of a people has contributions from the coordinator of the program 'Stall, Santiago Ramos; of Charo and Jorge Díaz Cutillas; the journalist and presenter Antonio Betancor, who picked up the witness of the popular program from 2000 to 2007, and Yeray Rodríguez, who in turn took over from Betancor.

According to one of the authors of the documentary, Magec Betancor, “this work aims to review the life and professional career of Nanino Díaz Cutillas, emphasizing the relevance of his work around the rescue and dissemination of culture and culture. Canarian folklore and, above all, in how he was able to transmit it through a mass medium such as television, thus uniting all the Islands ”.

May 14

The program continues on May 14, with the performance, in trio format, of one of the most promising soloists of the Canary Islands, Iván Quintana, singer, among others, of the group Los Gofiones.

All the events can be followed every Monday following the day of the event itself through the networks of the Nanino Díaz Cutillas Foundation, the Ingenio town hall, the Este Canal chain and CRI Canarias.


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