the name of the game

The Prime Minister does not miss the opportunity to miss the opportunity. There is practically no day in which he does not persevere in the populist swerve that he gave a few weeks ago. What happened in the last few days is difficult to define. With ad hominem disqualifications or jokes from Chinese on the corner, he has decided to go on vacation. The same makes ad hominem disqualifications that recommends removing the tie. It's all so funny that it would be grotesque if the protagonist were not the person who presides over the council of ministers. The fact that he has directly named two important Spanish businessmen in his last untied speech is a good indicator that the least important thing is how much they lend a hand and the most important thing is to appear as the scourge of the business establishment. The same one who a few months ago did everything possible so that the creamiest of Spanish businessmen would clothe him in the presentations of, for example, the initiatives of European funds, today he puts on his tracksuit and points his finger at them. It is so ridiculous that it can only be understood as a measure of his demographic desperation. And he's so fake that he can't get it right. I suppose that as those who know about this comment, what he intends is to set a floor on the left because the center considers it lost for good reasons and try not to go down in history as the one who buried the PSOE. Try to capitalize on the winter of discontent with coarse messages and crazy proposals. It is the most difficult still of the worse, the better, but orchestrated from those who are at the forefront. I don't know how much discontent could become in the coming months, but of course the one who cannot try to benefit from it is the one who has been at the helm. It is, in short, nonsense of such caliber that it could perfectly be a watermark by Iván Redondo himself. You never know. Related News El Quinto in discord opinion Yes A look at the market José Ramón Iturriaga Inflation is here to stay, but not at current levels In this one for himself, in which it is installed, the general elections will coincide with municipal and regional elections in May . Against all odds, the barons and mayors cannot imagine a worse scenario than sharing a poster with their leader next year, Pedro Sánchez is back on the road. The bad is what we still have to hear. And the good thing is that it is a strategy that has been born badly and that cannot end well.

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