February 26, 2021

The Nairobi hotel reopens the scene of an attack with 21 dead

The Dusit D2 hotel in Nairobi reopens its doors to the public on August 1, just over half a year after the attack by the jihadist group Al Shabab that left twenty-one dead and nearly thirty wounded.

The reopening was staged on Wednesday with an act attended by the almost 200 workers of the establishment, representatives of the Kenyan Government and investors.

Optimism and the festive atmosphere marked the event, although it was emphasized not to forget the people who lost their lives in the attack in January.

"Kenya is stronger than these evil forces, Kenya has recovered: our tourism figures in 2018 grew by 37% and revenues by 31%, and in the last six months there has been no decline," said the minister of Tourism, Najib Balala.

The prompt reopening of the hotel has been possible because the building suffered little damage in the attack.

The attack took place on January 15, when at least five armed men belonging to Al Shabab crossed the entrance of the 14 Riverside complex, where the Dusit hotel is located, in the Westlands neighborhood.

One of them was immolated, while the rest began shooting at people outside the building until they managed to enter.

The workers and guests hid and, thanks to security measures and the rapid response of the Army, there were no deaths inside the building.

Nairobi experienced a similar attack in September 2013, when at least four Al Shabab terrorists stormed the Westgate shopping center in the Kenyan capital, very close to the 14 Riverside complex.

In that attack, 67 people died during the four days that the terrorists were entrenched inside the building, besieged by security forces.

The worst terrorist action that Kenya has suffered was the 1998 attack on the US embassy in Nairobi, with more than 200 dead and thousands injured.

In today's inaugural ceremony, the hotel manager, Michael Metaxas, reported that the hotel security points have been increased as a prevention.

"If before there was a control at the main entrance, now there will be three or four," he told Efe Metaxas.

At the moment the number of reservations for the opening day is very small: of the 101 rooms only 5 will be occupied, but the number is expected to increase with the passing of days.

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