April 14, 2021

The myth of Don Juan arrives in India by the hand of a Spanish zarzuela

The myth of Don Juan, created by Tirso de Molina and enlarged by José de Zorrilla arrived this Thursday in New Delhi by the hand of the zarzuela “The trust of the tenorios” (José Serrano, 1910), and who tries to make a hole to the Spanish boy genre in the cultural scene of the Asian country.

The zarzuela, with a single act and eight paintings, tells about the adventures of a Don Juan-Savoie- who travels from Madrid to India behind a woman -Isabelita- to win a kind of challenge that was challenged in Don’s union Juanes it belongs to. This comical journey, which takes place at the beginning of the 20th century, premiered this Thursday at the Shri Ram Center in the Indian capital and on March 4 it will be held in Mumbai, being the first zarzuela to be represented in the Royal House of the Opera of that city.

With a cast of dozens of local actors and soloists from Neemrana, the Spanish pianist and conductor Rubén Sánchez was responsible for preparing them for musical and diction issues.

The initiative to bring the Spanish musical genre to the Indian public was born from the collaboration between the Spanish embassy in New Delhi, the Cervantes Institute and Neemrana.


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