The musical beats Zarzuela

Works by Luna, Vives, Fernández Caballero, Guerrero, Penella, Gershwin, Lloyd Webber, Lehár, Bernstein, Schönberg, etc. Voices: Rocío Ignacio and Jorge de León. Main Choir of the Teatro de la Zarzuela and Orchestra of the Community of Madrid. Director: Oliver Díaz. Zarzuela Theater. Madrid, 28-XI-2019.

It was April Fools' Day and news circulated about an aluminosis that forced the National Auditorium to close for a year. It was clearly an innocent, but whoever wrote it does not know that the Palau de la Música will be until at least 2021 due to a constructive problem of condensation of the air conditioning on the ceiling of the room, which has caused its fall and that this auditorium and National shared architect and characteristics, with which a certain concern exists. La Zarzuela did not live innocently, but for Oliver Díaz it sure was a blissful and at the same time bitter day, it was not in vain that he was practically fired as a theater musical director, although at no time did anyone refer to it. We wish him good luck in his new stage, because this is always necessary no matter how valuable it is. Oliver Díaz has talent and his evolution is constant, he has shown it many times and this one too. He knows how to make the melodies fly, as he did in the most lyrical phrases of the string at the end of the intermission of "The roguish miller", and impregnate rhythm, color and vivacity to the most casual pieces, such as that "Mambo" that Little did he have to envy Dudamel's concept. It has another virtue: it transmits to the public. For all this he was the protagonist of the Christmas Concert of the theater, with a varied and entertaining program of zarzuela in the first part and operetta, along with musical, in the second. The first part went somewhat icy and the applause did not go beyond courtesy, even if Jorge de León put all the meat on the grill in the "Faithful triumphant sword" and he and Rocío Ignacio put arrests in the "Bullfighter I want to be" of "The Wildcat". Curious that the song technique of both follow very similar patterns, which is not a matter of detailing here, but also logical on the other hand with Alfonso Leoz behind.

The carol that was missing

The evening was animated from "The cheerful widow", when the soprano gave her best in "Soon, my friends" to, allow me the expression, sing it with swing. The applause already warmed and they continued doing it in the later duo of both of the same title, offered in Castilian, to reach the ovations in the mentioned «Mambo» and in the three songs of «West Side Story» - «I feel pretty» , "Maria" and "Tonight" -, with score in front by the tenor, and the well-known choir of "The Miserable." When I heard Jorge de León his "Maria" came to mind, by similarity of focus, Bernstein's anger at Carreras when recording the album. Don't miss it, it's on youtube. And, since we talk about Berstein, what a shame not to have included as a tip that "The Virgin washes diapers" that he included, with choir and orchestra, in the best Christmas cd that exists. Closing with "White Christmas" and "Jingle Bells" provided an American touch, although the audience was delighted. By the way, what happened to the Royal Theater Christmas Concert? Happy 2020!


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