The music that Womex brings – The Province

The music that Womex brings - The Province

The fair Womex, the largest professional music forum in the world, is presenting its 24th edition on Wednesday, at 8:00 p.m. Alfredo Kraus Auditorium. A musical breakthrough with the traditional Opening Concert with which the organization – the German company Piranha, and the local production companies Nordesía Producións and Mirmidón Producciones, with sponsorship of the Canary Government, Cabildo and City Council- welcomes an international delegation that includes some 3,000 people including companies, producers, promoters, artists, press and production.

The inaugural concert is called Atlantic Transits, a title that in turn is the thematic axis that Womex preaches in what is its first edition outside the European continent, and the northernmost of those celebrated to date. With the timplista Germán López as "host and driver", this concert is postulated as "meeting point of tri-continentality, place of passage between Europe, Africa and America, and musicians come from different continents and influences, because we can not forget that although this is celebrated in Great Canaria is a world fair, "says López.

The conversation with the timplista took place yesterday after noon in the symphonic hall of the Auditorium Alfredo Kraus, while the sounds tests of the artists that protaginizan followed one another Atlantic Transits. On the stage, the Brazilian artist LaBaq, and the musicians of the flamenco project of Barcelona root Aurora. Before that, the Caracoles -Nuria Hernández, Fabián Rosquete, Peter Point the Power, Germán Cuesto and Luis Pérez-, and AKA Trío, training that gives shelter to musicians from Italy, Senegal and Brazil; Antonio Forcione, Seckou Keita and Adriano Adewale. All of them, together with Germán López and the one from Gran Canaria, the producer and DJ D. Juan León, are the different musical sensibilities that preside over the opening of Womex.

"I do not come to play my music, my role is different, I am the one who invites them and the one who presents, and it is an honor to coordinate all of this, and above all that an organization as big as Womex places its trust in a musician like me. organizing this, is something that honors me, "says Germán López while LaBaq concludes his test and begins the turn of jazz-contaminated flamenco that distills Aurora, a combo from the Higher School of Music Education at Taller de Musics, in Barcelona.

Germán López jokes between so much instrument and artist on the eve of a big day. "Despite the setup we have here, it is very simple: each group shows their music and project, which is the most respectful and coherent, and interventions between ten and twelve minutes, the four groups, and in the middle, which is where the challenge, to avoid those silences and pauses between one artist and another, my role is to baste all that, conceptually speaking ".

To the imprint of the author of Silence broken with his inseparable timple we must add the pulse of D. Juan León, who with his debut album Del Roque del Infierno to the End of the World Lighthouse (2015) put upside down the popular songbook of the Archipelago with an electronic substrate, and is a major chapter in the various works that in recent years have opted to dress modernity foclore Islands.

The show will last 65 minutes, according to the times that the production team handles. In this respect, Germán López emphasizes that it will be a very dynamic concert in which each artist projects their personality, and with a final piece to be performed together. It is not the first time that López participates in the Opening Concert of Womex. "I was in the edition that Womex celebrated in 2014 in Santiago de Compostela, I was one of the participants, and the following year in Budapest in a showcase ", highlights the timplista. This last contest in Womex allowed him to tour the United States, Canada and China.

Pere Martínez is the singer who leads Aurora, a formation he shares with Max Villavecchia, Javi Garabella, Joan Carles Marí and José Manuel Álvarez, with Falla in his musical horizon, yesterday Martinez was grateful to participate for the first time in Womex, and present in this forum Aurora's musical proposal: "We are very honored to be here and that Aurora will be one of the groups participating in the inaugural concert, and we are aware that we are representing a flamenco sound that is part of that fusion of cultures. " As well as Pere Martínez, "flamenco is a fusion of cultures and from Aurora we give the jazz and modern touch that is a bit, as I see here, the harmony of the artists that we are in the gala."

In his first Womex, the integtantes of Aurora declare themselves "delighted to participate in this fair with such good artists and such a well-made organization".

Brazil, present

LaBaq, Larisa Nalini's alias, is an artist from Sao Paulo, who emerges in this Womex as one of the leading voices in the current Brazilian alternative scene. It is not his first time in the Canary Islands, since he has participated in two editions of the Boreal festival in Tenerife.

"I have always wanted to interact with local musicians, to travel, to be and to consume the culture of other places, and with much desire in it, it seems to me that it is perfect, and I would seek to see what is happening in the scene here to meet it. well ", explained the Brazilian woman at the Auditorium yesterday. Everything is new to her. "I had heard about Caracoles, but I did not know them, and being at Womex is very exciting, we proposed the proposal and we did not know what was going to happen, and to represent Brazil, America in general, on this site is a giant honor."


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