June 24, 2021

The music that has viralized the phenomenon of 'Elite' and 'La Casa de Papel' | TV

The music that has viralized the phenomenon of 'Elite' and 'La Casa de Papel' | TV

There is a detail of the world of fiction that is often overlooked in the series because it is not seen, it is listened to. The soundtrack of the series is a fundamental part of its success and in this digital age, the synergy is total. According to the platform Binge Report, Elite debuted at number one in the week of its release above others like Atypical, Maniac or The Good Doctor; while The House of Paper He stayed up to six consecutive weeks at the top of the list. Given such a scenario, it is not surprising that the numbers of the members of their songs soar on digital platforms.

Cecilia Krull is the voice that gives the starting signal to each episode of The House of Paper (My Life Is Going On), in a version remixed by the DJ and Barcelona producer Gavin Moss. For its part, the urban pop trio Zazo & Gxurmet could hardly suspect Paris, a song that they improvised eating in a famous fast food chain, would end up being part of one of the key scenes of Elite, a homosexual relationship between two of his characters; or that Kostrok would be the soul of the institute party with a success of five years ago, Right Now.

The numbers speak for themselves. Krull and Moss are already a gold record in France, while Zazo & Gxurmet has sneaked into the viral top 50 in Spotify from countries such as Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Italy, France or Greece. In this new edition of He is Petando, the artists explain how to live being part of a phenomenon like that from within.


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