June 16, 2021

The museums prepare their annual party under the motto ‘The past always inspires the future’

Workshops, visits, exhibitions, talks, concerts, an open house and an attractive advertising campaign that will begin on May 18, oriented to social networks to encourage the public to visit museums and enjoy their rich cultural heritage, are some of the proposals that the Department of Culture of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria includes in an extensive program aimed at celebrating International Museum Day-May 18- throughout this month, under the slogan The past always inspires the future .

The intense May-Museums cultural program, which starts today and will run until mid-June, includes some twenty activities in the seven centers of the museum network of the Ministry of Culture directed by Guacimara Medina: the Houses-Museums Pérez Galdós, Antonio Padrón (Gáldar), León y Castillo (Telde) and Tomás Morales (Moya), as well as the Casa de Colón, the Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological Park, and the Atlantic Center of Modern Art.

The program of activities and the promotional campaign were presented yesterday by Medina, together with the head of the Museum Service, Alicia Bolaños, and the respective directors of the seven museum centers: María Victoria Galván, César Ubierna, Franck González, Guillermo Perdomo , Elena Acosta, Carmen Gloria Rodríguez and Orlando Britto.

All explained the future challenges in which each center is currently working to revalue its collections, research, producers and distributors of culture, sustainability, accessibility, integration and audiences, technologies and innovation, as well as equality. “We want the Cabildo museums to be more inclusive, more participatory, more active, open and sustainable,” said Medina, “museums must answer the uncomfortable questions that citizens ask themselves, from migratory movements to social imbalances.”

During the event, details of the 50th anniversary of the Antonio Padrón House-Museum-Indigenous Art Center, which start today, and of the preparations for the centenary of the death of Tomás Morales (Gran Canaria, 1884-1921), for which that an institutional commission promoted by different public bodies has already been set up.


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