April 23, 2021

The museums of Gran Canaria welcome December

The museums of Gran Canaria welcome December

The network of island museums of Cabildo of Gran Canaria (House of Coln, the Houses-Museum Prez Galds, Toms Morales, Len and Castillo, Antonio Padrn-Center for Indian Art and the Museum and Archaeological Park Cueva Pintada), managed by the Minister of Culture, celebrate this Weekend (1 and 2 December) open days with which, for free, invite the population to enjoy its wide range of exhibits and museum content.

The House of Coln Once again, it offers a crossroad for the relations between the Canary Islands and the Americas, as well as offering a large and varied sample of artistic funds that covers a few and which also delves into the pre-Columbian creation. Until December 9 can also be visited in the museum the photo exhibition 'San Martn, the resilience of an island', which displays images of Claudio Arnell, Laurent Bayly, Nathalie Beaurain and Stephdziles. The images of the photographers here are capturing the violence of the Indian phenomenon 'Irma', but also the courage of the population of this Caribbean island that today is reborn from its ashes.

In the House-Museum Prez Galds, the steps, the words and the Galdosian look become images that cross time and space thanks to the exhibition 'Forty leagues by Cantabria', which collects the photographs taken by angel Luis Aldai, who recreates through his lens the same scenarios through which the great writer from Gran Canaria traveled in the summer of 1876.

The sample supposes the continuation of a project that began to crystallize in May with the careful edition by the Cabildo of Gran Canaria of the text of Benito Prez Galds 'Forty leagues through Cantabria', updated with the look provided by the photographs of Aldai, a renowned Gran Canaria photographer who has exhibited in galleries in Madrid, Rome or New York.

In Gldar, the Antonio Padrn House-Museum. Center for Indian Art exhibits the exhibition 'Coleccionadores de nacimientos', an anthological exhibition that brings together the collections of the six nativity figures Armando Mateo, Vicente Daz, Jos Luis Martn, Sarito Marrero, Martina Falcn and Ciona Almeida. In total, 40 different pieces that offer a perspective of the rich belenstic tradition that survives in Gran Canaria during the Christmas season.

Also in Gldar, the exciting Museum and Archaeological Park Cueva Pintada reopens a door through which access to the pre-Hispanic and colonial world through an exhibition, projections and a tour through the old town of Agldar. On day 1, at 6:00 p.m., there will be the lighting of the Christmas tree, the handicraft work of the Vicente Daz Melín nativity scene, which will include the presence of the characters Arminda and Fernandillo manipulated by Entretteres. The pintaderas that are part of this unique tree can be purchased in the museum store. The author donate the amount collected to the NGO 'Smile'.

At Historic-Artistic Complex of San Juan and San Francisco from the city of Telde is the Len-Castillo House-Museum, which pays homage to the politician and diplomat Fernando Len y Castillo (1842-1918) and his brother the engineer Juan Len y Castillo (1834-1912). Both were promoters of the development of Gran Canaria and emblematic works such as the Puerto de la Luz or the Maspalomas Lighthouse are due to them.

The museum houses the birthplace of the first, as well as the adjoining building, where the playwright Montiano Placeres Torn was born. Its architecture is faithful exponent of the traditional architecture of the Canary Islands, with central courtyards and abalconate galleys. It preserves diverse collections that include Spanish painting from the 16th to the 20th centuries, furniture, decorations and sculptures.

In Moya, the Toms Morales House-Museum offers the opportunity to know the home of one of the great Canarian poets and fundamental representative of the modernist movement, as well as enjoy attractive documentary, bibliographic and artistic collections associated with the island potica.


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