August 7, 2020

The Museum of the fearsome Stasi is raided in Berlin

The thieves entered last night and took medals and other objects inside

The Stasi Museum in Berlin, which displays items from the dreaded secret police in East Germany, was assaulted on Saturday night, authorities have revealed. The event occurs only a few days away from the spectacular robbery committed in Dresden.

The thieves entered through a window on the first floor and "broke several showcases and stole medals and jewelry," police said in a statement, and left with their booties undetected. The time at which the assault occurred is still unclear, but a museum employee found shattered showcases in the exhibition halls this morning.

The museum, an impressive mass of cement and glass with an overwhelming facade that rises reluctantly on Normanestrasse, became the center of power of the famous "lord of fear", Erich Mielke. Among the objects he shows and that may have been stolen by the friends of others, are the tiny cameras camouflaged behind a jacket button, wood fragments with microphones inside or even a steam engine that was used to open the Letters and access your content.

One black and one white phone

Although, without a doubt, the biggest attraction was and is the office of the aforementioned Mielke, an immense room of noble appearance on whose table two phones rest, one white and one black. The former communicated directly with Foreign Minister Erich Honecker, while with the latter he could speak freely with his namesake at the KGB headquarters in Moscow. The cabinets hid inside other hidden doors where to camouflage cameras and hide evidence.

Yesterday's robbery occurred immediately after the robbery at the Green Vault museum in the Royal Palace in Dresden on November 25, where the assailants left with a more than succulent loot of diamonds of incalculable value of the 18th century, including one of 49 carats from Dresden, from the collection of the Saxon ruler Augustus II, known by the nickname of "the fort" Or "The Saxon Hercules". Police are still searching for four suspects and have offered half a million euros (550,000 euros) as a reward for information leading to an arrest or recovery of stolen property.

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