July 25, 2021

The murderer of the woman found in a landfill in Almeria is arrested | Society

The murderer of the woman found in a landfill in Almeria is arrested | Society

Two days after the discovery of the body of a Moroccan woman in a landfill in the municipality of Gádor (Almería), a 30-year-old man of Mauritanian origin called the Civil Guard from Roquetas de Mar to denounce that he had disappeared. Until that moment the investigators did not know the identity of the corpse, in advanced state of decomposition, found on September 27 by an operator. The complainant who put them on the track responds to the initials K.K., allegedly would also be the pimp, sentimental partner and murderer of the victim and was arrested on the 5th day when he intended to leave Spain. This case raises to 40 the number of women who have been murdered by their partners and ex-partners, 966 since the official recount began in 2003. In the last few days two crimes of Moroccan women who practiced prostitution solved in the province also add up. of Almería.

The agents baptized the operation as Dump and they began to follow the steps of the Mauritanian man, after perceiving a series of inconsistencies in his story. For example, he refused to give the address of the address where he supposedly lived with the victim, arguing that they had only lived there for two months. The iron control to which he had subjected his victim, according to sources of the investigation, prevented that the own relatives of her knew where it resided. In addition, asked about his vehicle, he said he had sold it. The agents found the house and the car and both found evidence that incriminated the complainant directly.

His detention was precipitated when the agents realized that he intended to flee from Spain. K.K. He was arrested on October 5 at the Madrid-Barajas airport, ready to take a flight to Casablanca (Morocco). He is charged with the crimes of intentional homicide in the area of ​​gender violence and false reporting.

The autopsy determined that the woman died strangled. For his part, the detainee tried to mislead the investigators. According to police sources, he informed them that the woman was in Murcia with a third person and that he was on the way. Actually, while making that call, he was going to Madrid, a journey in which the agents did not lose sight of him and in which they found that his intention was to make the investigation difficult.

The detainee was placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction number 4 of Almeria and the judge on duty decreed his entry into prison communicated and without bail.

The number of assistance to victims of gender violence is the 016. It leaves no trace on the phone bill, although it must be removed from the call log.


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