The murderer of Marta Calvo appeals his conviction "due to contradictions in the proven facts"

Jorge Ignacio P. together with his lawyer in one of the trial sessions. / J Signes

The brief presented by the defendant's lawyer considers that the introduction of cocaine into the genitals of the victims has not been proven "by any means admitted in law"

The man sentenced to 159 years in prison for the deaths of Marta Calvo, Lady Marcela Vargas and Arliene Ramos has filed an appeal before the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community, considering that the sentence violates his right to the presumption of innocence and states contradictions in the proven facts.

The murderer's lawyer affirms in her letter that there is no analysis "of the substances that they say have been involuntarily introduced to the victims, nor evidently their weight and richness."

Although several witnesses testified at trial that they found small stones of cocaine in her genital organs and "the motivation for the jury's verdict establishes, and reaches the conclusion, that the substance was cocaine based on the victims' account, it has not been proven by any means admitted in law”, according to the brief presented by the lawyer of Jorge Ignacio PJ

In the search that the National Police carried out in the room of Arliene Ramos, the young woman who died in a hospital days after a sexual encounter with the defendant, the investigators found a small amount of drugs on her bedside table, but the defense of the murderer asserts that they did not carry out any analysis, "according to law", of that substance.

“It is stated in the case that this sample was not sent, together with the arrest record, to the Drug Reception and Custody Unit (URCD) of the Government Delegation so that they proceeded to its analysis, as required by the protocol of action in the apprehension and analysis of toxic and narcotic drugs”.

The police officers who came to testify at the trial session on June 20, 2022, stated that they were aware of the action protocol, "and when asked why they did not comply with it, they stated that they were not the ones who had to answer that question."

Cocaine on the genitals

With regard to the effects of the cocaine that the defendant introduced into the victims' genitals, according to the witnesses' statements, the defense of Jorge Ignacio P. points out that the experts from the Institute of Legal Medicine of Valencia "insisted that the cocaine It is water-soluble and when it comes into contact with mucous membranes it is rapidly absorbed.

According to the resource, doctors Couto and Rincón “stated that they were struck by the fact that the effects were the same in all the complainants and the reaction or symptomatology of all of them did not fit them“. The experts »also stated that they did not know what the stones contained as they had not been analyzed«.

The appealed sentence "insists throughout the proven facts and its legal foundation that there is no analysis, or weighing, or richness of the substances that they say the complainants expelled, and despite this, it concludes that it is cocaine."

The three reasons that the defense of Jorge Ignacio P. exposes in his appeal are "the violation of the fundamental right to the presumption of innocence, the violation of the constitutional or legal precept in the legal classification of the facts and the manifest contradiction in the proven facts in sentencing."

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