The murderer of Laura Luelmo: "I undressed her and I tried to rape her" | Society

The murderer of Laura Luelmo: "I undressed her and I tried to rape her" | Society

Agents of the Civil Guard during the search for Laura Luelmo.

Bernardo Montoya, the confessed murderer of Laura Luelmo, He has acknowledged that he deceived the woman. "The girl left her house and approached me to ask me something. I was sitting in a chair in the door of mine that are face to face. She told me: 'Hello neighbor, would you know of any supermarket around here? It's that I'm new. ' I answered: 'Clear woman'. And I gave him an address. I cheated because I sent her to a dead end where there was no supermarket or anything, "he told the Civil Guard, according to research sources, informs Patricia Ortega Dolz.

"As soon as he left a little, I ran for my car and arrived first at the alley. I waited for her to arrive, grabbed her and hit her in the trunk of my car. He was unconscious on the floor. I had a rope in the vehicle and I took a piece to tie his hands behind his back. I put her in the trunk of the car, covered her with a blanket and drove her to the place where they found her. When I arrived, I undressed her from the waist down and tried to rape her, but even though she was unconscious I did not get it. I tried but nothing. I swear that in the end I did not sexually assault her, "Montoya told the Civil Guard.

The main suspect in the death of Laura Luelmo, the interrogation began lying to the Civil Guard agents, who took a statement in the presence of their lawyer for long hours in the barracks of Valverde del Camino, where he remained throughout the day on Tuesday. Until the wee hours of the morning he kept unsuspected and impossible versions to avoid his responsibility on the crime, according to sources of the case. However, first thing in the morning "has confessed", according to sources of the investigation, who assure that of her confession it is deduced that "she was not kidnapped".


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