The murderer of Laura Luelmo cleaned with bleach his house to eliminate evidence | Society

The murderer of Laura Luelmo cleaned with bleach his house to eliminate evidence | Society

In the multiple records that the Civil Inspection Eye Inspection teams have made in the home of the confessed murderer of the young teacher of 26 years Laura Luelmo has been found that Bernardo Montoya, his neighbor in front, 50 years old, fresh out of jail, He tried to erase all the evidence that incriminated him as the author of his death. He cleaned the entire house and his own clothes with bleach and disposed of all the belongings of his victim and his own body by moving it in his car, a dark Alfa Romeo.

Despite these attempts to eliminate the traces of his latest and brutal crime - he has spent half his life in prison and has a string of records, including blood crimes - the experts of the Civil Guard have found "abundant traces of blood in that house" of El Campillo (Huelva) in which allegedly ended the life of Laura Luelmo and sexually assaulted, as recorded by the autopsy and against the statement made Thursday on the detainee in police custody and in front of his lawyer.

The teacher had only been installed three days in that house, rented to one of her classmates from the Vázquez Díaz institute, in Nerva (8 kilometers away), where he had found his first job as a teacher in the specialty of Drawing. Montoya, had been installed less than two months in the house of his parents, just opposite, after leaving prison on October 22. His last conviction was two years and nine months for a robbery with violence.

Although he has clearly lied in his confession and has not wanted to collaborate with the investigators to find the victim's mobile phone and belongings, the agents have also found the purse and the keys of the car and the house. the young woman inside a bag in the vicinity of the cemetery of El Campillo. And also the blanket where he allegedly wrapped it after assaulting it and used it to transport it in his car to the place of Las Mimbreras, just five kilometers from the town (2,000 inhabitants) where he left his body and where last Monday was found with visible signs of violence. In his car, which at the moment are also inspecting the specialists of the Civil Guard, have also appeared "biological remains that could belong to the girl," according to sources close to the investigation.

The young woman's mobile phone still does not appear, although her last signal marks a point nine kilometers from the place where her body was found. But the multitude of incriminating evidence accumulated by the investigators could be enough for the judge to send him to prison on Friday, when he is scheduled to go to court after meeting the maximum 72 hours of retention allowed by law.


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