The murderer of Laura Luelmo cleaned the house to eliminate the remains of his brutal attack | Society

The murderer of Laura Luelmo cleaned the house to eliminate the remains of his brutal attack | Society

An agent of the Civil Guard in the cordoned zone of the street of Cordova. In video, Montoya was able to clean the house with bleach to erase Laura Luelmo's biological remains.

How many more tests they find the Ocular and Criminalistic Inspection teams of the Central Operative Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard, the more horrifying the crime of Laura Luelmo, the young Zamora teacher who died at the hands of Bernardo Montoya in El Campillo, a quiet town of 2,000 inhabitants in the Sierra de Huelva.

The already confessed murderer, just out of prison where he had spent 21 of his 50 years of life, tried to erase uselessly (cleaning them with bleach), the traces of blood, according to research sources. And he got rid of everything that could incriminate him, like some of his victim's belongings and the blanket in which he wrapped everything, which was scattered along a route of scarce five kilometers, where, finally, he threw the body.

During the registration last Wednesday at his house, Montoya also told the agents the places where he had left the wallet and the keys of the girl, "put in a bag in one of the containers next to the cemetery"; and the blanket, which also has traces of blood, in the margin of the N-435 road, on the way to the place of the Mimbreras. The abundant samples found in one of the rooms of his house, just opposite the one that the young teacher had rented only three days ago, give an idea of ​​the mortal beating that his neighbor gave him, the one that -according to his boyfriend – He did not like the way he looked at her.

According to the first hypothesis, and in the absence of contrasting all the evidence, Montoya attacked his victim at the door of his house, almost in front of hers, sometime in the afternoon of last Wednesday, December 12. She took advantage of the fact that it is one of the least traveled streets in the town and forced her to put it inside the house. The signals from the mobile phones position both of them in that place that afternoon.

There he sexually assaulted her, as determined by the autopsy, and against the confession of stopped. "I tried to rape her but, although she was unconscious, I could not," she told the agents in front of her lawyer at the Huelva headquarters, where she has been in the last days and from where she will be taken to court today.

The time that passed from the huge aggression at home until she threw her body in the rugged landscape, only five kilometers from the house, it is still an unknown. The last signal from Laura Luelmo's mobile phone, not yet found, positions him that same Wednesday 12, at 9:00 pm, nine kilometers from where his body appeared on Monday, 17. The last call received that Wednesday, at 4:00 pm, was Her boyfriend's.

The investigators, in the absence of gathering and collating the multitude of signs found, are inclined to the fact that the man moved the body of Laura Luelmo, with a strong blow to the forehead, after having inflicted her vexations at home. He got it wrapped in a blanket in the back of his dark Alfa Romeo, "always parked at the door of his house," according to a neighbor. From that position, he would have followed the natural way out of town, which passes precisely through the cemetery, where he got rid of part of the belongings of his victim (purse and keys). He would continue to throw off his body even with a breath of life – the autopsy has determined that the teacher died sometime between December 14 and 15– and the clothes that he had removed (pants and panties), which he had wrapped in the blanket, on an embankment with easy access from the N-435, in Las Mimbreras. And he got rid of the blanket throwing it in a margin of that same road. In the car, which began to be inspected yesterday, have also appeared biological remains that could belong to Laura Luelmo.

Since the Civil Guard received the notice from the police station in Zamora, where Laura Luelmo's relatives went to report on her disappearance on Thursday, the 13th, she did not respond to the calls nor had she presented herself at the Nerva institute where she taught. Montoya as the main suspect.


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