The murderer of Laura Luelmo asks to collect unemployment to pay her lawyer | Society

The murderer of Laura Luelmo asks to collect unemployment to pay her lawyer | Society

Bernardo Montoya, the confessed author of the crime of the young Zamora Laura Luelmo Last December in El Campillo (Huelva), he requested the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE) to be
process the payment of unemployment benefit to be able to pay his lawyer and "leave when before the jail". He has done it in a letter written in his own handwriting and in capital letters, to whose content Efe has had access and which he sent on January 30 to the SAE office in Nerva (Huelva) from jail in Sevilla II, in Morón de the Border (Seville). In the letter, he informs the

service your current situation.

"Soi Bernardo '(sic)" begins this man a letter, that the newspaper is advancing Viva Huelva. It says that on 23 January he could not go to seal and, therefore, continue to receive the unemployment benefit he received from his release from prison in October 2018, after 21 years in prison, obtained by work done in prison, for being in preventive detention. In this way he requests that the employment card be suspended, a request necessary to collect the benefit and he is dismissed with a "cordial greeting" and his signature.

The request has been answered by the SAE from where, after having with the relevant certificate from the prison of Morón that witnessed the internment of Montoya, the card has been suspended and we will proceed to transfer the case to the State Public Employment Service for analysis and determine whether or not you can finally receive this benefit. After having had two attorneys by trade, finally, Miguel will be Rivera who is in charge of the defense of Montoya, once he has appeared as his lawyer in the court case.


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