The murderer of Diana Quer, «El Chicle», will be tried in 2019

The murderer of Diana Quer, «El Chicle», will be tried in 2019

Only one proof is needed to close the judicial investigation of Diana Quer's case. What remains is for two experts to complete a report analyzing the psychological characteristics of "el Chicle" through the form and features of their writing. In France, 90% of companies study the morphology of the letters of candidates for a job before deciding to hire them. For example, scholars claim that if a person mixes in lowercase and uppercase writing indicates that there is a tendency to theft and disloyalty. This is what is being done with the lyrics of José Enrique Abuín, analyze it and, in principle and among other things, reveals that he is a man of enormous aggression, unable to control his impulses. To carry out the study they are using the handwritten letter that the detainee sent from prison to his parents last March and in which, among other things, he said: «You calm down. Here the lawyer told me that they were going to ask me for a homicide, they are from ten to fifteen years old, but at seven I would be out and with three or four on leave. Easy, okay. Be strong and thank you for the support ». Precisely the time of condemnation will be one of the main debates during the trial. The private prosecution intends to request the remand permanent prison (the sum of murder plus sexual assault), while the defense will try to reduce the sentence to the minimum possible by stating that it is not a murder but a homicide. The difference from the point of view of the length of time of imprisonment is that, in the case of murder, the maximum sentence is 15 years in prison and, in the case of murder, they could reach 25. To achieve the penalty more The accusation must show that "the Chewing Gum" assaulted Diana Quer without her being able to defend herself. At first, Abuín, tanned in crime and in the underworld, tried to deceive the Civil Guard investigators by ensuring that he ran over her without turning back without realizing it. It was not something that occurred to him suddenly. I knew what he said. If his deceit had set, he could have achieved an imprudent homicide, which, translated into prison mathematics, means only four years behind bars. He did not sneak. The agents and the autopsy dismantled the lie. Over time he modified his version. He claimed that Diana Quer surprised him by stealing gasoline and threatened to report him. He grabbed her by the neck with his hand to keep him quiet and, unintentionally, squeezed too much and his eyes went blank. It is not true either. Diana's mobile messages that dawn are a faithful account of the fear she felt and how "El Chicle" stalked her: "I'm getting scared," he wrote that dawn, "a gypsy is calling me … Tell me, brunette, come here. » However, the fact that Abuin has acknowledged that he grabbed Diana by the neck in a sudden and surprising way, without her being able to do anything to defend herself, implies that he himself has placed himself in the murder. No one believes that the events occurred as the defendant describes. His past speaks of a hunter, a true sexual predator. His wife's sister accused him of having raped her, although he was never convicted of it, and a year after the disappearance of Diana Quer, he assaulted a young woman and tried to put her in the trunk. He did not succeed, but if he had succeeded until the victim himself, he is aware that the purpose was to have sexually assaulted her and then taken her life so that she could not denounce him. Sexual assault will be the most complicated part of the legal debate during the oral hearing. The autopsy confirms that Diana Quer was strangled, but given the time elapsed until her body was found, sixteen months, forensic doctors have been unable to find evidence to confirm the violation. "No one has any doubt that it was," says a person who knows the case in depth. "It's a matter of logic. '' Chicle '' only assaults women, not men. That already tells you everything, because when you only approach girls and you take them alive in your car, there is unquestionably a single purpose, to force them sexually. I have no doubt that Diana was raped. "

«Predatory instinct»

In the summary there is an objective indication that underlines this statement. The mobile phone of "el Chicle" places it for an hour inside the warehouse in which, in December of 2017, just a year ago, its lifeless body was located. "What did the accused do there for so long?" Asks the same source. "If, as he says, the young woman died in A Pobra, it would have taken a few minutes to throw her body into the well and run away. He would not have stayed there for an hour with the risk that any neighbor would have seen him and called the police. Therefore, there was something that occupied his mind and that canceled the alarms of his brain. His predatory instinct, his need to violently satisfy his sexual impulses, made him forget about the rest. No other logical alternative is possible ». The letter that Abuín wrote, besides revealing his defense strategy, leaves open other doubts. He tells his parents respect for his wife: "Also understand me, I did not want Rosario to go through this, so I said I was going alone and I asked her to say that she did not come with me (she refers to the night of murder of Diana). Leave everything like this. Do not tell her anything, I love her. Yesterday I received a letter from Rosario telling me that ours is over and I am going to try to talk to her before I say everything, but you do not tell her anything. She writes that it is going to hurt a lot to have to forget me as a man, but that she does not want me to have any hope with her ». At present it is not imputed, although it is objectively known that he lied. During the investigation of the case she gave her husband alibi the night of Diana's disappearance. He assured investigators that both went out to steal gas and that they were not in A Pobra do Caramiñal. She maintained this affirmation until the Civil Guard stopped her and when she had to choose between spending time in prison or her husband doing it, I do not doubt it for a second, she left him alone. How much did Rosario know? Could she have betrayed her husband? If he had, would more evidence against Enrique Abuín have been found? "Your chances of not being sentenced to permanent remainable prison are minimal, but if by chance you manage to get rid of yourself, you will always have to thank your wife to help you with your lies so that you would not be arrested before," the same source concludes.



10.15 The Civil Guard stops "the Chewing Gum".

10.20 They arrest his wife Rosario.

13.00 Declare the brother-in-law of the suspect who lived with them at the time of Diana's disappearance. The two go down, stop giving alibi and recognize that "the Chicle" left home only on the night of Diana's disappearance.

Day 30

13.45 «El Chicle» declares as detainee. He claims that he killed Diana accidentally. He says he ran her over. It lies about where he threw the body.

20.00 Declares Rosario, the wife of José Enrique Abuín, and leaves him without an alibi. Recognizes that contrary to what he had insured in the past, he did not accompany him to steal gas oil
the early morning that disappeared.

21.00 Although the researchers do not believe him, the body is searched for where "the Chicle" says that he got rid of Diana. 23.30 Abuín asks to declare again and calls his lawyer.

Day 31

01.30 "El Chicle" broadens his statement and points to the place where he hid the corpse. He threw it into a water tank in an abandoned factory.

03.40 The Civil Guard arrives at the place. Elton, specialist dog of the Benemérita in the location of corpses, points out where the body is. They introduce a camera to nine meters deep and the images confirm it.

08.40 The judge of the case arrives at the factory.

09.30 The corpse is lifted and the Institute of Legal Medicine of Santiago is transferred to the autopsy.

14.00 A plastic flange and Diana Quer's purse are recovered from the bottom of the water well.


09.00 "Chewing gum" goes to court.

15.00 The judge decrees his admission to provisional prison.


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